A Guide for Wanderers

About the Book

Tikhon is inspired by the OSR (Old-School Renaissance) but also seeks to add a new dimension to what began as a fairly generic Swords and Sorcery realm. Over time, and through player collaboration, the setting has grown and matured. It's a place of dangerous magick, jealous deities, and many wonders.

As a Living Book, we aim to keep adding content as the players and GM from the original campaign develop it. We also invite contributions from outside of our group, making this an Open Source setting development with the author at the helm.

If you're interested, jump on board. We're in for a wild ride!

Game on!

About the Author

Peter Webster
Peter Webster

Che "UbiquitousRat" Webster is a slightly overweight, bearded blogger who rather likes lasagne. He's into teaching, gaming, sharing ideas, and is fascinated by religion. He has been roleplaying since the late '70s and remembers D&D Basic as fondly as he plays Fate or HERO.

Table of Contents

  • Glimpses of the Wider World
  • Of Forces and Attitudes
    • Opposing Forces: Law versus Chaos
    • Opposing Attitudes: Good versus Evil
    • The Nine Alignments
  • A Brief History of Northern Tikhon
  • Deities of Tikhon
    • Church of the Everlasting Lightbringer
    • Cult of the Pale Queen (aka “the Moon Cult”)
    • Cult of the Snake
    • Cult of the Weaver
    • Cult of the Winter King
  • Mortenburg and The Eastern Borderlands
    • Mortenburg
    • Overview of the Realm
  • Races of Northern Tikhon
    • The Common Races
    • The Uncommon Races
  • Draxian Culture
    • Drax Religion
    • Drax Politics
    • Drax Craft
    • Common Questions
    • The Drax and The Weavers
  • Of Money
    • Coinage
  • Appendix A: Tikhon Species in 5e
  • Appendix B: 5e Classes
    • Clerics
  • Suggested Names for Characters
    • Human Names (and Hobbytt)
    • Drax Names
    • Nyhi Names

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