Zen Programmer by Christian Grobmeier [Leanpub PDF/iPad/Kindle]
The Zen Programmer
The Zen Programmer
The Zen Programmer

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Completed on 2013-11-12

About the Book

This book will teach you there are more than just emails, phonecalls, and urgent issues. What Zen teachers told us hundreds of years ago is still true today: we can say "No" and we have our lives in our own hands. Zen is not only for famous corporate leaders like Steve Jobs. It is for you. It is not for weekends. You can practice Zen at any time, even now, right this second.

About the Author

Christian Grobmeier
Christian Grobmeier

Christian sold his first website back in 1998. Since then he worked as a web developer, a consultant, an architect, a manager, a tester, and much more. He has had many different customers: banks, tiny companies, and huge merchants. He has worked in open spaces together with eighty other people and alone in his home office. At a time when he worked seventy-five hours a week and could have become an actor in a Zombie movie without makeup, he started practicing Zen.

Since then, the way he worked has changed significantly. He has learned to say "No" and can almost fall asleep when he is tired. He delivers better products and smiles more often.

Today, Christian is building up his own company and provides freelancer services. In his free time, he practices Zen and studies Psychology at a German university.

About the Contributors

Zach Low
Zach Low
Zach Low is a freelance proofreader and teacher of English as a foreign language. Unable to escape from language in his professional life, he seeks solace in his free time by learning new ones.

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