The Three Rings of Abur (The Dime Store Edition)
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The Three Rings of Abur (The Dime Store Edition)

Book 1 of the Planetary League Series

About the Book

Thousands of warships battle, while spies, smugglers, assassins and revolutionaries lurk in the shadows fighting a secret war.

The Planetary League seems near collapse when a mysterious trio appears in a little known system. The Three Rings, a fierce warrior, an odd inventor, and poet master of the sword, lead a rebellion against a cruel empire, but can the League trust them? A holy man returns, a creature of legend is found in an unlikely place, ancient races struggle for their freedom and all of them collide in a galactic war. Will their efforts prove enough to save the League or end the empire? 

Book 1 of the Planetary League Series which spans numerous worlds and alien civilizations. The Dime Store Edition is a special low priced version minus the illustrations of the first release. The adventure continues in Book 2 The Hidden Worlds and book 3 The Hill of Weeping

About the Author

Jonathan H Sanchez
Jonathan H Sanchez

Jonathan H Sanchez is an American living in Basel Switzerland. With degrees in art and anthropology a background in museum and archaeology work, he attempts to infuse a sense of history into his work.

Table of Contents

The Three Rings of Abur (Book I of the Planetary League Series) Table of Contents Prologue All the Many Threads (pg 3) Chapter 1 In the Thick of It (pg 24) Chapter 2 The Towers of Zatura (pg 42) Chapter 3 Point of the Spear (pg 45) Chapter 4 Race for Phedrian Portal (pg 50) Chapter 5 The Farmer and the Boy (pg 56) Chapter 6 Wreckage and Ruin (pg 61) Chapter 7 Unexpected Guests (pg 63) Chapter 8 The Three Rings of Abur (pg 76) Chapter 9 The Breaking of Bread (pg 88) Chapter 10 Dinner with the Purple and Blue (pg 93) Chapter 11 Mere Gilded Gravel (pg 100) Chapter 12 A Collision in Time (pg 107) Chapter 13 Catching Up (pg 115) Chapter 14 Taunting an Angry Beast (pg 125) Chapter 15 Troubles on Draul (pg 128) Chapter 16 The Shadow Fleet (pg 132) Chapter 17 Within Sleeping Giants (pg 139) Chapter 18 Onward and Inward (pg 150) Chapter 19 Lost in the Wild (pg 159) Chapter 20 Arrival at Abur System (pg 161) Chapter 21 Run to Ground (pg 178) Chapter 22 A Hard Lesson (pg 181) Chapter 23 Deep in a Lair (pg 185) Chapter 24 How Now to Proceed? (Pg 186) Glossary of Characters (pg 197) Glossary of Places, Concepts and Things (pg 207) Fleet specs (pg 2140 Timeline (pg 216) Appendix I Baxius and Historic Writings (pg 217)

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