The Perfect Matrimony
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The Perfect Matrimony

Why Sex and Religion Are Inseparable

About the Book

"The Perfect Matrimony" stands as a transformative masterpiece among the works of Samael Aun Weor, a figure whose profound mystic teachings have guided countless individuals on their spiritual journeys. This book occupies a unique space in the canon of Gnostic literature, exploring the deep spiritual significance of love and relationships in the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment.

At its heart, "The Perfect Matrimony" is a guidebook that unfolds the hidden mysteries of love and marriage, positioning them as crucial elements on the path to self-discovery and spiritual transcendence. Drawing from a wealth of esoteric traditions, the book introduces the concept of sacred union, blending ancient wisdom with practical spiritual guidance.

Through the pages of this remarkable book, Samael Aun Weor illuminates how the energies and forces at play within the intimate relationship between man and woman can be harnessed for spiritual growth. He explores the divine, symbiotic relationship between the masculine and feminine principles, demonstrating how their harmonious interaction can lead to personal and spiritual evolution.

Beyond its philosophical depth, "The Perfect Matrimony" provides tangible, practical tools. It offers meditative exercises, insights for inner work, and guidance on harmonizing physical and spiritual relationships—all of which are as applicable in the contemporary world as they were when first penned.

This book is more than just a study—it is an invitation to embark on a journey of self-transformation. Whether you are a newcomer to Gnostic teachings or a longstanding student, "The Perfect Matrimony" promises to challenge, inspire, and offer profound insights into love, spirituality, and the hidden depths of human nature.

In the words of Samael Aun Weor, "Love is the highest religion...". As such, "The Perfect Matrimony" is an essential read for those who seek to understand love's true potential as a catalyst for spiritual awakening and enlightenment. It welcomes you into a world where love transcends the mundane, offering a vision of relationships imbued with profound spiritual significance.

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About the Author

Hungarian Gnostic
Samael Aun Weor

Samael Aun Weor, born as Víctor Manuel Gómez Rodríguez, was a spiritual teacher and author of over sixty books on what he termed 'Gnostic Anthropology'. Born in Colombia in 1917, Weor dedicated his life to exploring and teaching about the complex world of Gnostic spirituality.

Throughout his life, Weor sought to synthesize the world's spiritual traditions into a comprehensive system of thought and practice. His teachings draw upon a vast array of sources including Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Kabbalah, Alchemy, and others, weaving them into a rich tapestry of Gnostic wisdom. Weor’s work encompasses not only theoretical perspectives but also practical exercises and meditations, aimed at assisting individuals on their own spiritual journeys.

Samael Aun Weor's work has been influential in shaping contemporary spiritual thought, and his books continue to be a source of inspiration for those seeking spiritual enlightenment. His teachings, characterized by a deep sense of compassion and wisdom, encourage self-realization through introspection and conscious living.

He passed away in 1977, but his legacy lives on through his numerous works, which continue to illuminate the path for countless seekers around the globe. Despite his departure from the physical world, his teachings remain as relevant today as when they were first penned.

In accordance with Weor's wishes, his teachings are freely available to all, furthering his mission of spiritual enlightenment for humanity.

Table of Contents

    • Introduction
    • Love
    • The Son of Man
    • The Great Battle
    • The Abyss
      • The Sphere of Lilith
      • The Sphere of Nahemah
    • Normal Sexuality
    • Suprasexuality
    • The Seven Churches
    • Happiness, Music, Dance, and the Kiss
    • GAIO
    • Direct Knowledge
      • Practice
    • Grow and Multiply
      • The Education of Children
      • Sin
      • Education
      • Profession
      • Concerning Daughters
    • Two Rituals
      • The Last Supper
      • Sexual Forces and Ritual
      • The Gnostic Church
      • Sacraments
      • The Christ
      • Resurrection
      • Unction
      • Sacred Vestments
      • The Officiating Altar
      • Epiphany
      • The Praetor
      • The Key in Order to Perform Conscious Astral Projection
      • Key in Order to Carry the Physical Body into the Jinn State
      • General Aspects of the Gnostic Ritual
      • The Four Seasons
      • The Pater Noster
    • The Two Marys
    • The Work with the Demon
      • Origin of the “I”
      • The Death of Satan
      • The Intimate Star
      • God Does Not Evolve
      • Evolution and Devolution
      • Total Revolution
      • Pain
      • Time
      • The Seven Fundamental Centers of Man
      • Technique for the Dissolution of the “I”
      • The Absolute Death of Satan
      • Adultery
      • The Root of Pain
    • Celibacy
      • Laws of the Bodies
    • The Awakening of Consciousness
      • Fascination
      • Sleep
      • Remembering Oneself
      • Complementary Practice
      • Patience and Tenacity
      • The Four States of Consciousness
      • Impatience
    • Dreams and Visions
    • Consciousness, Subconsciousness, Supraconsciousness, Clairvoyant Consciousness
      • Supraconsciousness
      • Memory
      • Internal Experiences
      • Clairvoyance and Pseudo-clairvoyance
      • Objective Clairvoyance
      • Clarification
      • Reality
      • Consciousness, Subconsciousness, and Supraconsciousness
      • The Six Fundamental Dimensions
    • Initiation
      • The Guardian of the Threshold
      • The Second Guardian
      • The Third Guardian
      • The Hall of Fire
      • The Initiations of Minor Mysteries
      • The Initiations of Major Mysteries
      • The Perfect Matrimony
      • The Food of the Serpent
      • The Laboratory of the Third Logos
      • Chac Mool
      • Serpentine Civilizations
      • The Exoteric and Esoteric Circles
      • The Chakras and the Plexuses
      • Clarifications
      • The Problem of Internal Illumination
      • Summary of the Five Great Initiations
      • The Vehicles of Fire
      • Patience and Tenacity
      • Conscious Faith
      • Religions and Schools
      • Charity
      • Psychic Development
    • Resurrection and Reincarnation
      • Resurrection and Reincarnation
      • Reincarnation of the Personality
      • Life-span
      • Recurrence
      • The Question of Personality
      • The Returns of the Ego
      • Advantages of Resurrection
      • The Loss of the Soul
      • Love and Death
    • The Ninth Sphere
      • Fear-mongers
      • The Ascent and Descent of the Kundalini
      • The Sexual Spasm
    • Sexual Yoga
      • Endocrinology
      • Secondary Sexual Characteristics
      • Psychology and Endocrinology
      • Infrasexuality
      • Evolution and Devolution
      • Yoga Exercises
    • The Flying Serpent
      • The Serpent Bird
      • The Caduceus of Mercury
      • The Igneous Wings
      • FARAON
      • The Flying Serpent
      • The Jinn State
      • Serpents that Fly
      • The Doubles
      • The Cardias
      • Practice
      • The Temple of the Serpent Bird
      • Another Type of Fear-monger
    • Secret Egypt
    • Fatality
      • Love: the Only Path of Salvation
      • Sufism
      • Infrasex in Yoga
      • Aztec Magic
    • Totemism
      • The Totem Gods
      • Elementals
    • Sacred Phallicism
      • Sex and Serpent
      • Infrasexual Schools
      • Initiation and the Serpent
    • The Cult of Fire
      • The Whirling Dervishes
      • Egyptian Darkness
      • Javhe
      • The Ages of the World
      • The Great Problem
      • The Four Gospels
      • The Mother Kundalini
    • The Edda
      • Human Salvation
    • The Five-pointed Star
      • The Word
    • The Eskimos of the North
    • The Divine Trinity
      • Special Indication
    • The Christ
    • Conclusion

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