The NodeJS Cluster Module
The NodeJS Cluster Module
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The NodeJS Cluster Module

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Completed on 2017-11-19

About the Book

NodeJS processes runs on a single process, which means it does not take advantage from multi-core systems by default. If you have an 8 core CPU and run a NodeJS program via $ node app.js it will run in a single process, wasting the rest of CPUs.

Hopefully for us NodeJS offers the cluster module that contains a set of functions and properties that help us to create programs that uses all the CPUs. Not a surprise the mechanism the cluster module uses to maximize the CPU usage was via forking processes, similar to the old fork() system call Unix systems.

About the Author

Antonio Santiago
Antonio Santiago

Antonio is a Computer Science professional with more than ten years of experience in designing and implementing systems.

Since the beginning of his professional life, his work has been always related to the world of meteorology while working for different companies as an employee or freelancer. He is experienced in development of systems to collect, transform, store, analyze, and visualize data and is actively interested in any GIS-related technology, with preference for data visualization.

His main fields of experience is the Java and JavaScript ecosystems, and he has also worked actively with many related web technologies while looking to improve the client side of web applications.

He is a firm believer in Software Engineering practices and is a follower of Agile methodologies, involving customers as a main key to the project’s success.

Table of Contents

  • Understanding the NodeJS cluster module
    • Introducing the cluster module
    • A basic example
    • Comunicating master and worker processes
    • Conclusion
  • Using cluster module with HTTP servers
    • How cluster module works with network connections ?
    • Other alternatives to cluster module load balancing
    • Conclusions
  • Using PM2 to manage NodeJS cluster
    • Introducing PM2
    • Conclusions
    • References
  • Graceful shutdown NodeJS HTTP server when using PM2
    • Starting a HTTP server
    • How to shutdown properly an HTTP server ?
    • Graceful shutdown/restart with and without PM2
    • Conclusions

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