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The Kubernetes Book

About the Book

This is a book about Kubernetes - no prior knowledge required!

It's designed to teach you the theory and the practical as fast as possible so that you can hit the ground running with your first Kubernetes deployment.

About the Author

Nigel Poulton
Nigel Poulton

About the authors

I’d like to thank Pushkar for his writing the security chapters. He approached me at

a KubeCon and asked if he could contribute some content on real-world security. Collaborating on content isn’t something I’ve done before, and I tried to tell him “no thanks”. However, he was keen, so we made it happen. To be clear, the technical content for the security chapters is all Pushkar’s. I just tweaked the writing style so the book has a consistent feel.

Author: Nigel Poulton (@nigelpouton)

Nigel is a techoholic who spends his life creating books, training videos, and other stuff that makes learning Kubernetes less scary. He’s the author of best-selling books on Docker and Kubernetes, as well as the most popular online training videos on the same topics. He’s also a Docker Captain. Prior to all of this, Nigel held various senior infrastructure roles at large enterprises (mainly banks).

When he’s not playing with technology, he’s dreaming about it. When he’s not dreaming about it, he’s reading and watching scifi. He wishes he lived in the future so he could explore space-time, universes, and tons of other mind-blowing stuff. He likes cars, Formula One, golf, football (soccer), and food. He has a fabulous wife and three epic children.

Contributing author: Pushkar Joglekar

Pushkar is currently working as a Security Engineer @ VMware Tanzu to help make Kubernetes secure-by-default, for all. In the last few years, he’s built multiple “secure by design” production container deployments for a Fortune 500 company and is an active contributor in the CNCF security community.

When not securing containers, he spends his time exploring neighborhood bike trails and capturing beautiful sunsets through his camera while sipping home-made masala ginger chai. He lives with his wonderful wife, who happens to be the real engineer among them.

Nigel Poulton

Episode 178

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Table of Contents

  • 0: Preface
    • Editions Paperbacks, hardbacks, eBooks, audio, and translations
    • The sample app and GitHub repo
    • Responsible language
    • Feedback and contacting me
  • 1: Kubernetes primer
    • Kubernetes background
    • Kubernetes as the operating system of the cloud
    • Chapter summary
  • 2: Kubernetes principles of operation
    • Kubernetes from 40K feet
    • Control plane and worker nodes
    • Kubernetes DNS
    • Packaging apps for Kubernetes
    • The declarative model and desired state
    • Pods
    • Deployments
    • Service objects and stable networking
    • Chapter summary
  • 3: Getting Kubernetes
    • Creating a Kubernetes cluster on your laptop
    • Creating a hosted Kubernetes cluster in the cloud
    • Install and work with kubectl
    • Chapter summary
  • 4: Working with Pods
    • Pod theory
    • Multi-container Pods
    • Hands-on with Pods
    • Clean-up
    • Chapter Summary
  • 5: Virtual clusters with Namespaces
    • Use cases for Namespaces
    • Inspecting Namespaces
    • Creating and managing Namespaces
    • Deploying to Namespaces
    • Clean-up
    • Chapter Summary
  • 6: Kubernetes Deployments
    • Deployment theory
    • Create a Deployment
    • Perform scaling operations
    • Perform a rolling update
    • Perform a rollback
    • Clean-up
    • Chapter summary
  • 7: Kubernetes Services
    • Service Theory
    • Hands-on with Services
    • Clean-up
    • Chapter Summary
  • 8: Ingress
    • Setting the Scene for Ingress
    • Ingress architecture
    • Hands-on with Ingress
    • Clean-up
    • Chapter summary
  • 9: Service discovery deep dive
    • Quick background
    • Service registration
    • Service discovery
    • Service discovery and Namespaces
    • Troubleshooting service discovery
    • Chapter summary
  • 10: Kubernetes storage
    • The big picture
    • Storage Providers
    • The Container Storage Interface (CSI)
    • The Kubernetes persistent volume subsystem
    • Dynamic provisioning with Storage Classes
    • Hands-on
    • Clean-up
    • Chapter Summary
  • 11: ConfigMaps and Secrets
    • The big picture
    • ConfigMap theory
    • Hands-on with ConfigMaps
    • Hands-on with Secrets
    • Clean-up
    • Chapter Summary
  • 12: StatefulSets
    • The theory of StatefulSets
    • Hands-on with StatefulSets
    • Chapter Summary
  • 13: API security and RBAC
    • API security big picture
    • Authentication
    • Authorization (RBAC)
    • Admission control
    • Chapter summary
  • 14: The Kubernetes API
    • Kubernetes API big picture
    • The API server
    • The API
    • Chapter summary
  • 15: Threat modeling Kubernetes
    • Threat modeling
    • Spoofing
    • Tampering
    • Repudiation
    • Information Disclosure
    • Denial of Service
    • Elevation of privilege
    • Chapter summary
  • 16: Real-world Kubernetes security
    • CI/CD pipeline
    • Infrastructure and networking
    • Identity and access management (IAM)
    • Auditing and security monitoring
    • Real world example
    • Chapter summary
  • Terminology
  • Outro
    • About the front cover
    • A word on the book’s diagrams
    • Connect with me
    • Feedback and reviews

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