The Indie Film Sound Guide
The Indie Film Sound Guide
The Indie Film Sound Guide

Last updated on 2015-09-04

About the Book

Working as a production and post sound engineer, I spent years watching other sound guys, well, do it wrong. Project after project would cross my desk full of noisy and unprofessional dialog, and no consideration for the sound edit. Things needed to change.

So, I wrote a book. THE book! This short 125 page ebook is consise and clear and covers every step of the film sound process. Location sound, how to boom, steps to take in the edit to deliver a proper project file to the sound team, and the final design and mix. 

I wrote it for young sound engineers, anyone who is looking to work in film sound. By the time it was finished, however, I realixed that this book provides a great overview for producers and directors that want to learn more about the role sound plays in the filmmaking process.

I hope you enjoy it. Read it, and go and make some great sounding films!

About the Author

Daren Smith
Daren Smith

Independent film producer, writer, and sound editor. Worked in film since 2005 in nearly every department. Passionate about creativity.

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