The Hip Control Guide
The Hip Control Guide
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The Hip Control Guide

Last updated on 2014-06-18

About the Book

Want to take your yoga practice deeper but don't know where to start?

The hip control guide teaches you how to feel and control the deep muscles of the hip joint. It shows you how you can use these muscles to deepen your yoga poses, or make them more efficient.

If you have trouble with forward bends or back (I do) learning to feel your hip muscles and control them can help. 

The feeling part is important so that you know what you are doing is having an effect. 

The control aspect is learning what to do to consciously activate these muscles. 

It's like being in a conversation where you take turns listening to each other. You actually respond to what the other person says instead of just saying whatever is on your mind.

Learn to Relax and Activate

Now you might think that muscle control means just learning to activate those muscles. It also includes learning to relax them. In the hip control guide you practice both actions, relaxation and activation. This gives you the ability to activate and release almost at will but it also gives you a better chance to learn to feel the muscles involved.

What is it you feel? The target muscle activating and then relaxing. And even if the muscle itself is to small to feel, what you can learn to feel instead is the movement of the bones that the muscle attaches to.

Learning Your Body Made Easy

Very few people in the yoga world will tell you how to deliberately activate particular muscles. Nor do they break postures or action down into simple component parts that are easy to understand, and perhaps more importantly, easy to practice. 

With the hip control guide you learn to practice activating and relaxing target muscles in 8 different positions from easy to slightly more challenging. The intent is so that you can then activate the target muscles at will in yoga poses. 

The Hip control guide also provides an introduction on how you can use these actions in yoga poses like: standing forward bend, wide leg standing forward bend, triangle forward bend, triangle twist, warrior 3, chair pose, half moon pose, seated forward bend, wide leg seated forward bend, butterfly pose, janu sirsasana, bridge pose, wheel pose, low lunge and high lunge.

There are forward bends and backward bending poses in that list. And there are a couple of one legged balancing poses. Hip control can help you in all of them by improving your ability to tilt your pelvis forwards or backwards. It can also improve stability, you ability to stand on one leg without wobbling so much.

Whether you are beginner or advanced, the hip control guide will help you to understand your hip muscles and use them.

What's In It?

The hip control guide is a pdf outlining all exercises to help you control and feel the single joint hip muscles.

The really cool thing is that these are actions that help you to feel and control your body. Instead of thinking about what to do you can focus on feeling your body and doing it. And all of these actions are simple to do.

Once you've experienced them, it's like learning to ride a bike, you won't have to struggle to remember what to do, you can simply get on with using these actions and experimenting with them in any yoga pose where you are standing, or sitting, or even while back bending.

*One area in which these actions may not be affective is while doing inversions. 

If you want a simple guide to learning to feel your body, in particular your hips, then try the Hip control guide.

Knowing if you are Ready

Because this is about learning to feel and control your body, there may be some people who can't learn from a pdf (or mobi or epub file).

I'd suggest a simple test. If you can squeeze and release your buttocks at will then you can learn to control the single joint hip muscles. 

About the Author

Neil Keleher
Neil Keleher

I left school before graduating to move back to England to join the army. I spent five years as an armorer, while at the same time studying advanced mathematics via correspondence course. Thus developed a love for self-learning. I then went to university to study Systems Design engineering. During work-terms I discovered a love for speed skating and that's when I had some of my earlier experiences of being in the flow. I wasn't a spectacularly fast skater. I simply enjoyed the sensation of falling from skate to skate. After university, I moved to Calgary where after a few years as an engineer, I dabbled in acting and then fell into teaching yoga. Living in Taiwan for the last 13 or so years, I began specializing in teaching people to feel and control their body. In the process, I gained a better understanding of proprioception, one of the keys to getting into the flow easily. I've also dabbled in App design. I've turned a Chinese dictionary that I've designed into an app that makes Chinese character lookup easy, even if you are a complete beginner.

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Single Joint Hip Muscles
    • Muscles Included
    • Making Yoga Poses Easier
    • Improving Pelvic Awareness
  • Creating a Foundation
      • Boat Pose Hip Flexing Variation
      • Boat Pose Hip Flexing 2
      • Seated Leg Lifts
      • Reversing the Foundation (Seated Hip Flexion)
      • Table Top As a Counterpose for Hip Flexing
  • Landmarks of the Pelvis
    • Seated Spinal Awareness Exercise
      • The Upper and Lower Thoracic Spine
      • Breath-Like Movements
      • Adding Pelvic Awareness
  • More Pelvic Landmarks
    • Mapping the Pelvis
  • Landmarks of the Thigh Bone
    • Mapping the Upper Thigh bone
  • The Pelvis has Some Flexibility
  • The First Set of Hip Control Actions
    • Activating Obturator Internus and the Gemelli
    • Visualizing The Obturator Internus
    • Activating Quadratus Femoris
    • Activating the Front Adductors
    • Activating the Rearward Adductor
    • Postures for Practicing the Actions
    • General Instructions
    • Practicing the First Four Actions
      • Kneeling
      • Kneeling with Pelvis Lifted
      • Cat Pose (Kneeling on all fours)
      • Kneeling In Camel
      • Standing
      • Chair Pose
      • Standing While Bent Forwards
      • Downward Dog
  • The Second Set of Hip Control Actions
    • Activating Obturator Externus
    • Activating Pectineus
    • Activating Gluteus Minimus
    • Activating Iliacus
    • Gluteus Medius
    • Practicing the Second Set of Four Actions
  • More Hip Control Explorations
    • Muscles Used
    • Shape Changing the Pelvis
    • Table Top
      • Upright Seated Leg Lifts
      • Slightly Bent Forward Seated Leg Lifts
    • Flexing Both Hips While Seated
      • Bridge Pose
      • Bound Angle
      • Hurdler’s Stretch
      • Hurdler’s Stretch with Hip Activation 1
      • Hurdler’s Stretch with Hip Activation 2
      • Hurdler’s Stretch with hip Activation 3
      • Screaming Pigeon
      • Front to Back Splits
      • Side to Side Splits
      • Counterposing Splits
  • Exploring the Possibilities
    • What are The Options?
    • Suggestions for Double Pigeon and Lotus
    • Suggestions for Standing and Bending Forwards
      • Another Option is Rest
      • Experiment
  • Questions, Comments

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