The Digital Handyman at Home
The Digital Handyman at Home
The Digital Handyman at Home

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Last updated on 2014-09-10

About the Book

Hello, I am a bit of a geek. I love obsessively diving into a topic and researching all the elements of it from many angles. Most of all, I love finding and building the best solutions to solve many common problems. This book will take you from being a home technology white belt to a black belt in maintaining your family's digital infrastructure.

Things are complicated in our homes. Everything has wifi or an ethernet port now. We are living in a connected future. Some people call it the Internet of Things... guess what those things are? Your home appliances, your phones, your laptops, your clothes, your cars, your lightbulbs! All of these things will be communicating and engaging you in a digital lifestyle wether you realize it or not. You have a choice how those things integrate and what information they reveal about you to big companies.

You have a choice in what services you use. Free services aren't as free as you might think they are. You are being sold as a product to advertisers every time you open up GMail or Facebook. Maybe you are fine with that, maybe you should consider the downsides and alternatives so you can make an informed decision. Let me lay out the pros and cons without the shrill terror you might find other places. I care about you protecting your data. Protecting your family's data. I care about giving everyone the tools and solutions to solve their digital problems and protect their information-lives.

About the Author

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