The Complete Guide to Modern JavaScript
The Complete Guide to Modern JavaScript
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The Complete Guide to Modern JavaScript

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Completed on 2018-09-01

About the Book

This book covers all the new features introduced to JavaScript from 2015 to 2018. Understand what are let and const, what are generators, promises and classes and much more.

After each chapter, test your understanding with more than 50 quizzes.

About the Author

Alberto Montalesi
Alberto Montalesi

Hi, my name is Alberto and I am a self-taught software developer from Italy. I am very passionate about programming and I love creating content that can help others.

I am currently working as a software developer and 90% of my work revolves around the use of JavaScript, especially ES6 in combination with TypeScript.

Writing a book has been a very difficult challenge but I am very satisfied of the result and I hope you will feel the same

Thank you for supporting me, happy coding!

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Var vs Let vs Const & the temporal dead zon
  • Var
  • Let
  • Const
  • The content of a const is an Object
  • The temporal dead zone
  • When to use Var , Let and Const
  • Chapter 2: Arrow functions
  • What is an arrow function?
  • Implicitly return
  • Arrow functions are anonymous
  • Arrow function and the this keyword
  • When you should avoid arrow functions
  • Chapter 3: Default function arguments
  • Default function arguments
  • Chapter 4: Template literals
  • Interpolating strings
  • Expression interpolations
  • Create HTML fragments
  • Nesting templates
  • Add a ternary operator
  • Pass a function inside a template literal
  • Tagged template literals
  • Chapter 5: Additional string methods
  • Additional string methods
  • startsWith()
  • endsWith()
  • includes()
  • repeat()
  • Chapter 6: Destructuring
  • Destructuring Objects
  • Destructuring Arrays
  • Swapping variables with destructuring
  • Destructuring functions
  • Chapter 7: Iterables and looping
  • The for of loop
  • Iterating over an array
  • Iterating over an object
  • The for in loop
  • Difference between for of and for in
  • Chapter 8: Array improvements
  • Array.from()
  • Array.of()
  • Array.find()
  • Array.findIndex()
  • Array.some() & Array.every()
  • Chapter 9: Spread operator and rest parameters
  • The Spread operator
  • Combine arrays
  • Copy arrays
  • Spread into a function
  • Spread in Object Literals (ES 2018 / ES9)
  • The Rest parameter
  • Chapter 10: Object literal upgrades
  • Deconstructing variables into keys and values
  • Add functions to our Objects
  • Dynamically define properties of an Object
  • Chapter 11: Symbols
  • Chapter 12: Classes
  • Create a Class
  • Static methods
  • set and get
  • Extending our Class
  • Extending Arrays
  • Chapter 13: Promises
  • What is a Promise?
  • Callback hell
  • Create your own promise
  • Chaining promises
  • Promise.resolve() & Promise.reject()
  • Promise.all() & Promise.race()
  • Chapter 14: Generators
  • What is a Generator?
  • Looping over an array with a generator
  • Finish the generator with .return()
  • Catching errors with .throw()
  • Combining Generators with Promises
  • Chapter 15: Proxies
  • What is a Proxy?
  • How to use a Proxy ?
  • Chapter 16: Sets, WeakSets, Maps and WeakMaps
  • What is a Set ?
  • Loop over a Set
  • Remove duplicates from an array
  • What is a WeakSet ?
  • What is a Map ?
  • What is a WeakMap ?
  • Array.prototype.includes()
  • Combine includes() with fromIndex
  • The exponential operator
  • Chapter 18: ES2017 string padding, Object.entries() , Object.values() and more
  • String padding( padStart and padEnd )
  • Right align with padStart
  • Add a custom value to the padding
  • Object.entries() and Object.values()
  • Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptors()
  • Trailing commas in function parameter lists and calls
  • Shared memory and Atomics
  • Chapter 19: ES2017 Async and Await
  • Promise review
  • Async and Await
  • Error handling
  • Chapter 20: ES2018 what is coming?
  • Rest / Spread for Objects
  • Asynchronous Iteration
  • Promise.prototype.finally()
  • RegExp features
  • s (dotAll) flag for regular expression
  • RegExp named capture groups
  • RegExp Lookbehind Assertions
  • RegExp Unicode Property Escapes
  • Lifting template literals restriction

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