The BPMN Graphic Handbook
The BPMN Graphic Handbook
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The BPMN Graphic Handbook

Last updated on 2015-05-22

About the Book

Do you want to know the purpose of all the diagrams and elements of BPMN in an easy way?

Do you want a quick reference to the most useful parts of BPMN?

Are you tired of reading books full of boring text (and in small font)?

The BPMN Graphic Handbook is the solution to these problems.

This book describes all the major BPMN diagram types, what they're used for, and the basic notation involved in creating them.

This is a brief book, but for a good reason. It contains only the more useful information to learn about BPMN.

BPMN doesn't have to be difficult. A bigger book will give you more detail, but it will also take longer to read and not all the information will be useful in the real life. This book will quickly get you up to speed on the essentials of the BPMN and it's also as handy reference to the most common parts of the notation.

This book doesn't cover the use of executable BPMN, a particular tool to make diagrams, how it relates to business process management or process automation. It main focus is just to teach the notation for high level analysis purposes.

So try a sample of the book or buy it and start learning now.

About the Author

Esteban Herrera
Esteban Herrera

Esteban Herrera has been developing software for 10+ years, mostly in Java and some things in .NET and iOS. Feel free to contact him at anytime.

Table of Contents

Chapter One. Introduction

Chapter Two. Activities

Chapter Three. Events

Chapter Four. Advanced Events

Chapter Five. Gateways

Chapter Six. Artifacts and Data Objects

Chapter Seven. Swimlanes and Collaboration Diagrams

Chapter Eight. Conversation Diagrams

Chapter Nine. Chroreography Diagrams

Chapter Ten. How to Model with BPMN

Appendix I. Diagram Summary

Appendix II. Events Summary

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