The Book of Thought
The Book of Thought
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The Book of Thought

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Completed on 2017-05-02

About the Book

Who would have thought?

That in my new book of thought

I would write down my thoughts

So I would remember

And become a member

Of people who thought.

Something I scribbled in a notebook a few years ago. A place to collect thoughts! This resulted in this collection of poems I have written over the past years. Some in English, some in Dutch!

About unreachable love, waking up drunk, unexpected conversations and interesting observations. Enjoy!

About the Author

Stephan van Rooden
Stephan van Rooden

My name is Stephan van Rooden, I call myself an Agile People Developer with lots of energy, enthusiasm and ambition I help individuals, teams and organizations to further improve software development. I believe that enable people to create an Agile mindset to enable them to fully use their capacity, talents and ambitions.

More about me? Click here

Table of Contents

  • Book of thought
  • Butterflies
  • The park of pondering people
  • Vertrek
  • Als in de film
  • W..w..watte?
  • Deja vu
  • Twee van jou
  • Wolken
  • Filter
  • Kind
  • No second thought
  • Jij bent een droom
  • Kaarslicht
  • Maak mij gelukkig
  • Zen zuur
  • Antiheld
  • Praal of pracht
  • Ideetje
  • Studentikoos
  • Some kind
  • Dank u wel
  • Zweven
  • Meant to be
  • Volmaakt geluk
  • Ik wil het
  • Stroom
  • Vol hierboven
  • Huh?
  • Van geen kant
  • Zieke geest
  • Mijn hart in woorden
  • Could have, might have
  • Leeg
  • One question
  • Voetmassage
  • Ernst
  • Afwas
  • Verlamd
  • Eenzaam
  • Laatste woord

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