The Non-Conformist Leader
The Non-Conformist Leader
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The Non-Conformist Leader

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Last updated on 2016-10-21

About the Book

I have a confession about this book: I've never been a manager.

I've not always wanted to be a manager either. I used to think management was just for people with business degrees who just needed to know how to balance a budget. Then I began to see the way that management impacted individuals, day in and day out. How unintended consequences can result from the best of intentions. How great leaders are coaches at their heart, and how little things make the biggest of differences.

So I began to write about it. This book is a collection of short essays I've penned over the years on the subject of management and leadership. They represent what I believe is the "Non-Conformist Leader"; the human not bound by the standard approach to "resource management".

Here are my thoughts on the leader I'd like to be, even if I never make it there.

About the Author

Kevin Lamping
Kevin Lamping

Front-end Engineer, Father, Disc Golfer, Stargazer, Gardener, Gamer, Geek, Soccer Player, Scale Modeller, Piano Player, Spurs Fan, Freelancer, Teacher, Writer, Designer, Developer, RC Plane/Heli Pilot, et cetera.

Table of Contents

    • Preface
  • Part I - Unmanagement
    • The Non-Conformist Leader
    • Coaches, Not Managers
    • The Manager Matrix
    • A Familiar Performance Review
    • Share your Paintbrush, Share your Vision
  • Part II - 0% Productivity
    • Last in, First Out
    • Downplaying Pain
    • Hard Work vs. Smart Work
    • It Will be Better In the Future
  • Part III - Slightly okay advice
    • Giving Meaningful Feedback
    • Proper Recognition
    • Use Inquisitive Questions to Spur Kinship at Work
    • Embrace the Law of Unintended Consequences
    • What if you didn’t post a job description?
    • Avoid Failure by Visualizing it
    • The Best Fight
    • Conclusion

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