The Little Metrics Book
The Little Metrics Book
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The Little Metrics Book

Last updated on 2016-04-04

About the Book

This is a book about a subject I love. I wrote it so that metrics doesn't become a lost art only handled by just the infrastructure people, but to make it accessible so that anyone can become such an infrastructure person and that metrics can become a cross-cutting concern within a team or organization.

At the very least, I made sure to fill it with my distilled experience you should have in order to start on the right foot. This is the stuff you can't google for. I called it a _little book_, because I value your time, and I took the extra effort to carefully pick what goes in and what goes out, so I hope that the result is a book with zero bullshit, if I may be blunt.

About the Author

Dotan Nahum
Dotan Nahum

Dotan Nahum is a founder at Paracode, a boutique software consultancy, and was a former CTO at Como, a DIY mobile app maker platform. In the past years he had filled various architectural and tech lead roles in the Web and Enterprise software worlds. On his free time, he's also an avid open source creator and contributor, and builds various successful open source projects ranging from Ruby, to Go, Node.js, React.js, Ember.js, D3, Clojure, and others you can find on his Github account.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Questions
    • Context
    • Features and Fixes
    • Optimization
  • The Rockstar
    • Context
    • Features and Fixes
    • Optimization
  • The Pragmatist
    • Context
  • Bridging Service and Product Metrics
    • Solving this Without a Metrics System
  • The StatsD Graphite Stack
    • Graphite: When Practice Beats Theory
    • StatsD: Fire and Forget
    • StatsD + Graphite = <3
    • That Second Metrics Stack: codahale/metrics
    • Similar Systems
  • Metrics
    • Counter
    • Timer
    • Gauge
    • Psuedo-Metrics
  • Naming Metrics
  • Metric Thinking
    • Metrics and The Playground
    • Metric Wrangling
    • Open Parameter Metrics
    • Correlating Metrics
    • Things You Can Do with Metrics
  • How to Build Your Own Metrics
    • Framework Instrumentation
    • Explicit Metrics
    • Library Instrumentation
    • Hooking into Existing Infrastructure
  • Conclusion

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