The Cycle
The Cycle
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The Cycle

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Completed on 2014-04-09

About the Book

Jennifer started her period at the tender age of 11, and suddenly felt an intense social pressure to hide her newly-matured body. It's an experience far too familiar. Young girls are bombarded with both verbal and discreet messages to hide their menstrual status, while at the same time are told that menstruation is a "rite of passage". The result: a society filled to the brim with women who feel conflicted, isolated, and ostracized. 

The Cycle sheds light on factors that contribute to this menstrually-oppressive society of ours, and will turn any skeptic of any gender into a menstrual-maniac. So how do we fix a broken social order? Hidden in plain sight is something so thought-provoking, so powerful, and so needed that it almost sounds too good to be true. It's a method that can be used as a highly effective form of contraception, a tool to help couples conceive, and a way for women to gauge their reproductive health. Yet it's something few people know anything about. That's all about to change. Buckle up and get ready to be let in on a stigma-eliminating, confidence-inducing, health-benefitting, bloody-awesome secret. 

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About the Author

Jennifer Aldoretta
Jennifer Aldoretta

Jennifer is an entrepreneur who is passionate about the intersection of women's health and technology. She is an advocate dedicated to educating women, girls, men, and boys about the female body and breaking down the social stigmas that surround the female reproductive system. 

Table of Contents

    • Acknowledgements
    • Introduction
  • Part 1: The M-word
    • Chapter 1: Menstruation Stigmatization
    • Chapter 2: Menstruation Observation
    • Chapter 3: Menstruation Exoneration
  • Part 2: Getting to Know You
    • Chapter 4: The Female Reproductive Organs and the Endocrine Glands that Make Them Function
    • Chapter 5: Female Hormones and the Menstrual Cycle
  • Part 3: Fertility Awareness Awareness
    • Chapter 6: Hormone Changes and Fertility Signals
    • Chapter 7: The Rules of the Sympto-thermal Method …Finally!
    • Chapter 8: Checking Fertility Signs How-To
    • Chapter 9: Sympto-thermal Method Effectiveness
  • Part 4: Moving Beyond the Pill
    • Chapter 10: Hormonal Contraceptives, the Good and the Bad
    • Chapter 11: A Menstruation Revelation
    • Appendix A: STM for Contraception
    • Appendix B: STM for Conception
    • Appendix C: STM for Reproductive Health
    • Appendix D: Fertility Awareness and Menstrual Health Resources
    • Appendix E: Visualizing Cervical Fluid Changes
    • Notes

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