Testing PHP
Testing PHP
Testing PHP

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Last updated on 2016-08-16

About the Book

I've seen it way too many times. As your application grows, so does that sloppy, untested codebase. Before long, you begin to drown, as your ability to even comprehend the codebase dissolves. The further down you sink, the more unrealistic it becomes to write any tests at all. It's at these specific times, when you begin to realize the down-right necessity for tests. Sure, you might have read a TDD book in the past, but, like many things in life, we require real-life experience before we suddenly - in that wonderful "aha moment" - get it.

This book will provide real-life solutions to testing actual web applications. That's right: no, calculator examples! "Great, I understand how to assert that `2 + 2 = 4`! Now to test that billing code of mine that hits Paypal's API." Yep, just as `class Dog extends Animal` will never prepare you for real-life object-oriented programming, the same is true for the testing world.

About the Author


Jeffrey is a web developer, writer, speaker, and creator of Laracasts.com. He spends his days digging into cutting edge technologies, and finding new ways to teach complicated concepts.

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