A Modern Software Testing Primer
A Modern Software Testing Primer
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A Modern Software Testing Primer

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Completed on 2017-09-20

About the Book

This Primer is for everyone who is interested in quality in software development, and that should be everyone; because delivering poor quality software at speed is a certified recipe for failure.

I’ve tried to distil all I’ve learned from Lean and Devops, and Agile, into this version. The technical references in it will almost certainly be out of date before you read it, but that’s because the world is moving so fast; but the principles should remain the same.

About the Author

Nick Jenkins

Nick was born in Perth, Western Australia on the shores of the Swan River and spent his childhood frolicking with kangaroos and wombats in the bush.  At one time he wanted to be the world's greatest programmer but succumbed to the dark side and became a manager instead. He worked around the world for IT firms in Sydney, London, Boston & Prague before he scurried home.  Now he is a writer, photographer and management consultant. He lives in Perth with his wife Veronika and son Henry in a house that he designed for them. 

Table of Contents

Preface to the 3rd edition

Introduction - The Need for Testing - Models of Software Development

Quality in Software - Value, Waste and Quality - Built-In Quality - TDD & BDD

Concepts of Testing - The Testing Mindset, Test Early, Test Often, Regression vs. Retesting, White-Box vs Black-Box

Functional Testing - White Box testing - Unit, Integration and System testing  - Acceptance Testing - Test Automation

Non-functional Testing - Testing the design - Usability Testing - A/B Testing - Performance Testing

Test Planning - The Purpose of Test Planning - Software in Many Dimensions - Test Identification

Test Preparation -Test Scripting - Test Cases - Acceptance Criteria - Exploratory Testing 

Test Execution - Tracking Progress - Adjusting the plan - Defect Management

Reporting and Metrics - Defect Reporting - Metrics of Quality and Efficiency

Release Management - Release Planning  - Deployment Planning - Continuous Delivery

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