Agile Kids #2
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Agile Kids #2

A Collection of posts that includes tips and insights for applying agile with kids at home and for taking agile into more personal uses

About the Book

About the Author

Shirly ronen Harel
Shirly ronen Harel

So who am I?

I am a wife, and a mother of four Boys. I am an Agile coach and lean consultant- Coaching and consulting of agile and lean methods for better productivity. For the past 16 years I have worked in the Israeli Hi-Tech industry. A Social-Work degree from the  University of Tel Aviv combined with a love of psychology drew me to organizational processes.

In my day work My Mission is to help people and organizations realize complex day to day tasks effectively. I provide coaching, training and help to get started with Scrum, agile and lean .

I particularly enjoy working with people, helping them make the most of themselves in their company. I enjoy elevating productivity , innovation, learning and creative thinking .

I am the author of the book ‘Agile Kids’, which is aimed at both parents and children. The book shows parents practical ways of how to get daily chores done, and how to improve family communication in general.

Currently I am a Director of R&D operation at Sisense, responsible for overall operation including quality , DevOps and  Agile implementations. And I enjoy doing that. 

Table of Contents

  • Agile and families and everything in between
  • The difference between developing software in Agile and implementing Agile at home
  • What is a homemade Agile (Kanban&Scrum) system?
  • How Agile helped a father get his kid to tidy the room
  • Our children go through childhood once , and we are the ones responsible for it.
  • Operating a task board in 10 min
  • How not to set tasks on the family Kanban board
  • The cards on the wall
  • The Power of Sticky Notes
  • Are we overloading our kids with tasks? And if so, what can we do about it?
  • Want your kids to manage their own tasks? Get AgileBoard
  • The best way to deal with kids and their chores
  • Using the task board to initiate the family dialog.
  • Homemade Kanban - How to make it last?
  • Agile and the International Academy of Education.
  • What is it about Agile and Kanban that teaches us and our children how to succeed?
  • Using Task Boards with Youngsters
  • The fun of Kanban
  • I still have time to do it, or ‘The Student Syndrome’
  • Empowering kids with Agile is actually pretty simple.
  • Permanent task boards are nice, but they aren’t the point!
  • What is a schedule board?
  • Another way to manage ongoing tasks using the task board
  • Balancing the task list & Creating a task board for 10 and 12 years old kids
  • In agile, we teach our kids to Pull instead of get pushed
  • If you wish to Empower me talk to me with question marks!?
  • Taking SWOT personally –self-diagnosing to successfully reach feasible personal objectives
  • The Four Quadrants of the To Do list
  • 10 Top tips to succeed in preventing multi-tasking!
  • Time management games, multitasking and Agile
  • How to succeed in making mistakes?
  • KanPlan - A neat Homemade Kanban way to do your homework
  • A mother creative solution for helping her girls with their homework
  • How to decide what to do? – Another way to order the ‘To-Do’ column
  • ‘Homeschooling’ - making it easier with kanban
  • Home Kanban board…. Swift Kanban software
  • The fun of agile, it’s the “getting things done game”
  • The Feeling of ownership and quality time with our kids .
  • Easily estimating our home made Kanban tasks
  • Mind mapping and your to-do list:
  • The Definition of Done - How to use Agile to help our kids do their homework
  • Keep It Simple, Stupid
  • Achieving goals with agile – using Kanban and scrum with kids and at home
  • Brainstorming your initial to-do list
  • Going back to school schedule
  • I Do, We Do, You Do - Agile@Home (Technique )
  • PDCA psychology – Continues improvement (and kids video games)
  • Kaizen example video, Watch this Video to Learn!
  • Using An Action Map To Make Sense Of The To Do List
  • Identify Quick wins – Apply Agile at home
  • My three favorites Mind maps tools
  • Why spiders can help you achieve your goals
  • How to study for your next exam with Kanban
  • Learning a routine, using a task board with kids.
  • I am not lazy, I just don’t like doing it
  • Self made Kanban board by a 10 years old boy.
  • Do it yourself daily scrum meeting.
  • Futurespective: “To-do & Not to do” these are the action items to get things done.
  • How to improve the relations within our family and contribute to the development of our children using agile?
  • Initiating the to-do list using a mood chart
  • How to use a white board to understand your work load.
  • My most effective time to get things done
  • My cool Favorite Sticky notes tools:
  • Lego calendar by Vitamins
  • Value points with Kids chores and task board.
  • Using E.T.F.B model with agile techniques – How to make a continues desirable behavior change?
  • The Agile Values and Principles for Everyone
  • Scrum for everyone! What is scrum In a nutshell ?
  • The Retrospective Session for Everyone
  • On our way (Burn) up! - Part#1: It does not mean the burn down chart makes us go down.
  • On our way (Burn) up! - Part #2 -A burn up chart process example:
  • Burn down charts @Home are the best thing ever!
  • Getting things done with user stories As actor stories.
  • What does a Scrum master do, when the Scrum framework isn’t software development?
  • Improving and managing your business opportunities flow with Kanban:
  • Translating a Book With Kanban
  • Writing your blog using Kanban – Part #1
  • Fast writing your blog using kanabn – Part #2
  • Be like God - Kanban your way into the world

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