Building Test-Driven Developers
Building Test-Driven Developers (Building Test-Driven Developers ebook)
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Building Test-Driven Developers

Last updated on 2017-09-11

About the Book

Long-time PHP testing advocate Chris Hartjes takes a look at one of the least-understood parts of testing computer software -- managing the expectations of people. In this book Chris draws on his experience of over a decade of helping developers build the skills needed to become good at testing and talks about how tests are written by people, not machines. His views on what to do when there are no tests but you want some, or what to do with a test suite nobody likes will challenge your thoughts on what testing is really about.

About the Author

Chris Hartjes
Chris Hartjes

Chris Hartjes has been building and testing web applications of all shapes and sizes since 1998, with a focus on best practices and how to use testing as an effective development tool.

By day he works for Mozilla testing services that the Firefox web browser talks to while by night he works on building his online info-product empire through

He lives in the snowy wilds of Lucan, Ontario, Canada,

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Building Test-Driven Developers
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Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgements
  • Building Test-Driven Developers
  • Building a Testing Culture
    • Primary Goal
    • Tests as First Class Components
    • Commitment to Peer Review
    • Consistency in Development Environments
    • Trust
  • No Tests? No Problem!
    • How Did We End Up Without Any Tests?
    • Bug Fixes Need Proof
    • New Features Require Proof
    • Test Suites Are Not Bulletproof
  • “You’re Not Getting Paid to Test!”
    • Testing Is Part of the Job
    • Lost Opportunity Costs
  • “Nobody Is running the tests!”
    • Time Pressure
    • Test Are Too Slow
    • Monolithic Bootstrapping
    • Shared Testing Environments
  • Testing Styles
    • The London School
    • The Chicago School
    • What About You?
  • It’s About People
    • Like Kids on a Playground
    • Lack of Good Docs
    • Convincing People About Time
    • Cowboys Above Me
  • Now What?

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