Take Control of Scrivener 3
Take Control of Scrivener 3
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Take Control of Scrivener 3

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Completed on 2018-01-12

About the Book

Scrivener is a powerful tool for managing long-form writing projects—like novels and screenplays—and Take Control of Scrivener 3 gives you all the details you need to know to harness its potential. In this book, best-selling author Kirk McElhearn walks you through setting up, organizing, writing, formatting, revising, and compiling a Scrivener project, whether you’re working on a Mac or in iOS. 

Using this extensive guide, you’ll be able to:

  • Meet Scrivener: Learn about the Scrivener philosophy and its basic layout
  • Start your project: Pick a template and add existing materials to your project
  • Brainstorm and organize: Discover three different ways to work with your material using the Binder, Corkboard, and Outliner.
  • Set up your writing environment and avoid distractions: Choose default fonts and colors, opt for Script Mode if you’re writing a script or screenplay, and simplify your workspace by hiding interface elements or by using Composition Mode or Apple’s Full Screen Mode.
  • Make the most of key features: Learn how to work with styles; use annotations and comments; add footnotes and endnotes; view more than one file at once; use collections to view selected items from the Binder; store bookmarks and project notes; and share and synchronize your project with others.
  • Go further with Scrivener: Get the details on special features like Scrivenings View (write in sections, but view as a single document) and Snapshots (allows you to make and view periodic backups of your text).
  • Revise and edit your work: Learn how to find and replace text, and work with revisions.
  • Use Scrivener in iOS: Sync your projects to iOS and work on an iPhone or iPad.
  • Print and export: Understand the process of preparing your project to be printed, and what’s involved in compiling it so that it can be exported in a different format.

Kirk also highlights the many changes to Scrivener since the last version, including updates to the interface, styles, outlining and metadata capabilities, and improved searching and writing features. In addition, he explains brand-new features in Scrivener 3, including Bookmarks (lets you store references to other sections of your project), Linguistic Focus (highlights specific elements such as dialog, adverbs, or adjectives), Section types (such as Chapter Text and Scene), and Copyholders (allows you to view three or four documents at once).

About the Author

Table of Contents

  • Read Me First
    • Updates and More
    • Basics
    • What’s New in This Edition
  • Introduction
  • Scrivener Quick Start
  • What’s New in Scrivener 3
  • Call Me Scrivener
    • Understand the Scrivener Philosophy
    • Create a New Project
    • What’s Inside a Scrivener Project
    • Discover the Scrivener Window
    • Dive Right In!
  • Plan Your Project
    • Know the Key Organization Tools
    • Store Bookmarks and Project Notes
    • Add Files and Other Content
  • Write Your Masterpiece
    • Show and Hide Interface Elements
    • Go Full Screen
    • Customize Your Writing Environment
    • Work with Styles
    • Use Script Mode
    • Start Writing Your Manuscript
  • Take the Helm of Your Project
    • Manage the Binder
    • View More Than One File at Once
    • Use Annotations and Comments
    • Add Footnotes and Endnotes
    • Get Statistics, Set Targets, and View Your Writing History
    • Use the Inspector
  • Share and Synchronize Your Project
    • Move Projects to Another Computer
    • Sync Projects between Computers with Dropbox
  • Revise and Edit Your Work
    • Analyze Your Work
    • Find and Replace Text
    • Take Snapshots of Your Texts
    • Work with Revisions
  • Print Your Work
    • Before You Print
    • Using the Page Setup Dialog
    • Printing from Scrivener
    • Saving as PDF from Scrivener
  • Compile Your Work for Export
    • Compile Your Draft
    • Compile for Ebook Formats
  • Meet Scrivener for iOS
    • Get Started in iOS
    • Use the Extended Keyboard Row
    • Use an External Keyboard
    • Sync with Scrivener for iOS
    • Compile with Scrivener for iOS
  • Learn More
  • About This Book
    • Ebook Extras
    • About the Author
    • About the Publisher
  • Copyright and Fine Print

About the Publisher

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