Stop Losing Now
Stop Losing Now
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Stop Losing Now

Last updated on 2016-06-05

About the Book

Stop Losing is a beginner’s guide to playing winning poker. Some of the concepts are remarkably easy to understand and implement, while others will require more finesse. In this ebooklet, you'll learn to:

  • Play with players weaker than you
  • Understand relative strength
  • Put your opponent on a range
  • Learn the odds

And much, much more.

This is still a work in progress. All of the 10 steps are written, with some polish yet to be applied.

About the Author

Paul Christopher Hoppe
Paul Christopher Hoppe

Well known in Limit Holdem circles by his screen name "GiantBuddha," Paul has made poker his profession since 2006. He posted outstanding win rates in all formats of mid-stakes Limit Holdem before shifting his focus to No Limit in 2014. In addition to playing poker for a living, he has written two poker books (Way of the Poker Warrior and Don’t Listen to Phil Hellmuth), produced hundreds of poker videos, and coached dozens of poker students. He also teaches martial arts and yoga, writes fiction, and shreds a little lead guitar when time permits.

Table of Contents

  • Stop Losing Now
  • A Work In Progress
  • Step 1
    • Play With Weaker Players
  • Step 2
    • Understand Relative Hand Strength
  • Step 3
    • Put Your Opponent On A Range
  • Step 4
    • Know The Odds
  • Step 5
    • Embrace Variance
  • Step 6
    • Start From A Position Of Power
  • Step 7
    • Bet When You Have It; Fold When You Don’t
  • Step 8
    • Bluff When They’re Weak
  • Step 9
    • Semi-Bluff With Equity
  • Step 10
    • Never Stop Learning
  • Congrats! You’re Done Losing.
  • About Paul Christopher Hoppe
  • Also Available From Poker Is A Skill

About the Publisher

This book is published on Leanpub by Poker Is A Skill

a publisher dedicated to the idea that poker is a skill that we can teach and you can learn

Poker is a game of skill. In the long run, the good players win and the not-so-good players lose. If you want to know whether someone is skilled at poker, all you have to do is look at their long-term results.

Whether you play primarily as a hobby or for a living, we are here to help you improve your poker skills. We can’t do the work for you. That’s up to you. But we provide the tools to help you get the most out of your effort.

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