The Spirit of Scrum
The Spirit of Scrum (The Spirit of Scrum - Beyond form and practice)
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The Spirit of Scrum

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Completed on 2019-03-24

About the Book

Discover the "Spirit of Scrum" contained in over one hundred narratives from real world Scrum implementations in companies of different size, industry and agile maturity.

This book contains a vast treasure of learnings and reflection opportunities that will make you, too, more successful with Scrum.

About the Author

Michael Küsters
Michael Küsters

Michael helps companies and people become more agile by providing coaching, training and consulting in agile frameworks, principles and mindset.

As author, he is sharing his insights and experiences with people seeking for new ways to achieve even more than before.

Michael has consulted for a wide range of companies from small start-up to international corporation, transforming teams, divisions and entire organizations. He is a seasoned veteran with Scrum, Kanban, XP, LeSS and SAFe, Lean and Six Sigma and harnesses this vast experience for his clients' success.

Before experiencing agility, Michael has worked in all traditional IT roles - analyst, developer, tester, operations, support, project manager, division head - even CTO. He also draws on a vast experience as agile team member, Scrum Master and Product Owner.

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The Spirit of Scrum
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Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • When Scrum doesn’t work
    • Prologue
    • The Developer office
    • The Analysts
    • Business Leader
    • Business Team
    • Epilogue
  • The Scrum Flow
    • Scrum - a process?
    • Sprint Planning
      • Excel mode
      • Perceived value
      • Risk management
      • The curse of Hi-Tech
      • Learning environment
      • Ask questions
    • Daily Scrum
      • Three Questions
      • Misunder- Standing
      • Avoid Reporting
      • Crisp and concise
      • Developer meeting
    • Sprint Review
      • Be prepared
      • Review isn’t Reporting
      • Product, not code
      • It’s not a Demo
      • Get feedback
    • Retrospectives
      • Good, Bad, Boring
      • A fake Retrospective
      • The five-stage canvas
      • Method focus
      • Putting spice into Retrospectives
      • Social Experiments
      • Change the Impossible
    • Refinement
      • Brood
  • Scrum Values
    • Commitment
    • Courage
    • Focus
    • Openness
    • Respect
  • Roles and Interaction
    • Development team
      • Cross-functional teams
      • T-Shaped People
      • Fill the gaps
      • No “I” in Team
      • Stop thinking in roles
      • Change the game
      • Challenge the rules
    • Scrum Master
      • Make Scrum happen
      • Keep Scrum going
      • Defend Scrum
      • Team responsibility
      • Tough skin, long breath
      • Change your mind
    • Product Owner
      • Manage the backlog
      • Know the customer
      • Not my problem
  • Scrum Artifacts
    • Essential Artifacts
      • Product Backlog
      • Sprint Backlog
      • Product Increment
    • Distracting artifacts
      • Wasteful artifacts
    • Counterproductive artifacts
  • Working Agreements
    • Everything worth doing is worth overdoing
  • Appendix 1: Self-Check
  • Notes

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