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Space Apps for Android

Discover the Best Astronomy and Space Apps

About the Book

This book saves you time and effort by reviewing a selection of the best or most useful apps for discovering the universe and following space exploration. It allows you to find your way around these apps and provides usage tips and tricks. You’ll discover planetariums and sky maps, interactive planetary globes and atlases, satellite pass predictors, space flight simulators, and more. These apps will help you observe the sky, spot the International Space Station and artificial satellites, and understand the universe.

The Google Play Store has millions of Android apps for all sorts of application domains and tasks. And there are many great astronomy and space apps buried in there.

For each of the dozens of featured apps you’ll get a summary of what it does, a list of the major features, an overview of the usage, and valuable tips. You’ll also learn whether and how the apps work on Chromebooks and other desktop Chrome OS devices.

Space Apps for Android combines in a single resource information and insight on apps that often come with little or no documentation. It’s your encyclopedia of space apps.

Featured on Google+

The book is based and expands on the author’s Space Apps for Android: Mobile space and astronomy collection that reached over 240,000 followers on Google+ and was featured by Google.

Who The Book Is For

Space Apps for Android is for amateur astronomers, space enthusiasts and anyone with basic familiarity with astronomy and space. It may be useful also to educators as a guide to apps they can use in their astronomy teaching and lab activities.

A Living Book

This book is published as a work in progress based on the Lean Publishing process. As I write more and update the book the price will go up. But if you buy the book the price won’t go up for you and you’ll get for free all future updates. For more information on Lean Publishing and what you get as a reader when purchasing a book in progress see:

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About the Author

Paolo Amoroso
Paolo Amoroso

Paolo Amoroso is an Italian astronomy and space popularizer, a Google expert, and a podcaster.

He has been doing astronomy and space outreach and education since the early 1980s, working at the Ulrico Hoepli Planetarium as well as the Brera Astronomical Museum in Milan. The activities he did range from lectures, observing sessions of the sky with Giovanni Virginio Schiaparelli’s historical 8” Merz telescope, guided tours of astronomical facilities and space exhibitions, to teaching astronomy at a Prada Foundation art exhibition.

Paolo wrote the official Italian translation of the training and mission Logbook of ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti and the glossary of her autobiography, Diario di un’apprendista astronauta.

As part of his space outreach activities he has been a co-host of AstronautiCAST, the first Italian space podcast, since its beginning in 2007 and is a board member of AstronautiCAST’s parent organization ISAA, the Italian Space and Astronautics Association.

Paolo has been a member of the Google Top Contributor Program and later the Product Experts Program since 2014. In 2016 Google invited him as a founding member of the Google+ Create program.

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The Book

1 digital copy of the book Space Apps for Android: Discover the Best Astronomy and Space Apps.

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10 digital copies of the book Space Apps for Android: Discover the Best Astronomy and Space Apps. You may give them to the members of your amateur astronomy club, Android user group, app development team, or other organization.

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50 digital copies of the book Space Apps for Android: Discover the Best Astronomy and Space Apps. You may give them to the members of your amateur astronomy club, Android user group, app development team, or other organization.

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Table of Contents

    • Preface
    • Introduction
      • Who is This Book For
      • How the Book is Structured
      • Conventions
      • A Living Book
      • Feedback
      • Learn More
    • About the Author
  • The Solar System
    • Earth Observation
      • Copernicus Sentinel
      • Earth Viewer
      • ESA cryosat
      • SnapPlanet
    • The Moon
      • LunarMap
      • Moon Atlas 3D
      • Phases of the Moon
    • The Sun
      • Eclipse Calculator 2
      • SunViewer 2
    • The Planets
      • Jupiter Simulator
      • MarsClock
      • Mars Explorer
      • Mars Images
      • Mars View
      • Mars Xplorer
      • Solar System Scope
    • Meteors
      • Meteor Shower Calendar
      • Meteor showers from space
    • Asteroids and Comets
      • Asteroid Alert
      • Asteroid Viewer
      • Rosetta Tour
  • The Universe
    • The Stars
      • Variable Stars
    • Extrasolar Planets
      • Exoplanets
    • Observation of the Universe
      • Gaia Alerts
      • Gaia Mission
    • Exploration of the Universe
      • Cosmic Zoom
      • Galaxy Map 3D
      • Our Galactic Neighborhood
      • Sky Xplore
  • Space Exploration
    • Space Launches
      • Arianespace HD
      • SpaceXLaunches
    • International Space Station
      • ISSLive
      • ISS onLive
      • ISS Transit Prediction
      • Space Station Research Xplorer
    • Satellite Observation and Tracking
      • 3D Satellite Tracker
      • DSN Now
      • Heavens-Above
      • Orbit - Satellite Tracking
    • Navigation Satellites
      • GNSS Compare
    • Space Agencies
      • Kennedy Space Center
      • NASA App
      • NASA Visualization Explorer
    • Space Flight Simulators
      • Space Simulator
  • Tools
    • Planetariums and Sky Maps
      • Sky Map
      • SkySafari
      • Stellarium Mobile Sky Map
    • Ephemeris and Astronomical Phenomena
      • AstroClock
      • Moons of Jupiter
      • Nightshift: Stargazing & Astronomy
      • Planetary Visibility
      • Skywheel
      • Space Events
      • Sun, moon and planets
    • Space Images
      • APOD Gallery
      • AstroEye
      • Hubble Gallery
      • NASA Image and Video Library
      • How to View NASA TV Still Images with a Smartphone
    • Search Engines and Databases
      • Astronomy with Google
      • LookUP
    • Astronomy Education and Learning
      • Astronomy Course Assistant
    • Space News
      • Space Scoop
    • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
      • The Apollo 11 Spacecraft in 3D
      • Apollo 15 Moon Landing VR
      • Google Expeditions
      • NASA 3DV
      • Spacecraft 3D
      • Spacecraft AR
      • Space Shuttle Tour Cardboard
      • STAR
    • History of Astronomy
      • Copernican Orrery
      • Orrery
      • Ptolemy Universe
  • Appendices
    • Release Notes
      • 10 Jan 2021
      • 17 Nov 2020
      • 8 Sep 2020
      • 1 Mar 2020
      • 8 Sep 2019
      • 1 Jul 2019
      • 14 Apr 2019
      • 7 Apr 2019

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