Soon to be Ruby on Rails --API programmer
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Soon to be Ruby on Rails --API programmer

Building API could be fund with Ruby on Rails. Let Rails help you with easy and fast coding while you only need to worry about requirements and features.

About the Book

Good News! The Thai version of this book is completed. I'm working on the English version now. Expecting it to be completed by April.

If you want to start building your new web application and you picked to completely separate Client side and Server side codes completely. Then it's a high chance that you need to build API regardless of what you picked for your frontend.

I've used Ruby on Rails in my software house since 2011 and personally think that it is more than enough for most of my customers.

Now that Ruby on Rails has this "--api" option where you only use Rails to build API. No HTML, CSS, JS rendered from backend (except for emails). I only use this "--api" option for newer projects and moved my frontend to use NuxtJS, NextJS or AngularJS.

My life is now much simpler because I can now separate task between frontend and backend. My team work more effectively, and even better unit test.

This book is to show you how to write API on Rails. It's purely based on code and building prototype application.

This book will not cover Unit Test, I think it's better to start with the fun part and continue with the boring part in the next book.

This book is a translation into English of เกิดอยากจะเขียน API ง่ายๆ ด้วย Ruby on Rails which was originally written in Thai.

About the Author

SaKKo Sama
SaKKo Sama

I'm a self taught programmer with over 10 years experience.

I joined Leanpub to share my knowledge and experience.

I started my own company, a software house, in the year 2010.

I coded lots of projects throughout those years trying out lots of stuffs like

ObjectiveC, Ruby on Rails, Nodejs, Swift, Java, Kotlin, Dart, Golang, ionic, react-native, Vue, React, ....

Deployed them on a bunch for infrastructures

Bare Metal, Government Cloud, VPS, Digital Ocean, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and on some Serverless arch

Taught Internet Programming to 70+ students in University as part-time lecturer in Thailand.

Trained over 100+ people in iOS Basic and Advance courses ages ago when there were no Swift.

Taught high school math for a year, 36 hours a week.

My dream is to start a school where all students can do what the love. (and not hate Math)

Obviously, it takes a lot of money to start a school. If you can fund me a few million $ to start a school in Thailand, Please contact me.

I hope you enjoy my books.

Visit my youtube channel at

Table of Contents

  • 1 Introduction
    • 1.1 A little intro about Ruby on Rails
  • 2 Setup your development environment
    • 2.1 RVM
    • 2.2 Ruby
    • 2.3 NVM (optional)
    • 2.4 NodeJS (optional)
    • 2.5 Ruby on Rails
    • 2.6 Text Editor
      • Atom
      • Sublime Text 3
      • VSCode
    • 2.7 Postman / Hoppscotch
  • 3 Creating Ruby on Rails Project
  • 4 Folder structure
    • 4.1 .ruby-version
    • 4.2 .ruby-gemset (new)
    • 4.3 Gemfile & Gemfile.lock
    • 4.4 config folder
    • 4.5 config/database.yml
    • 4.6 Environments files config/environments/*.rb
    • 4.7 app folder
    • 4.8 app/controllers/application_controller.rb
    • 4.9 app/models/application_record.rb
    • 4.10 Other folders and files
  • 5 Ruby
    • 5.1 Numbers
    • 5.2 BigDecimal (Rails only)
    • 5.3 Strings
    • 5.4 Comment
    • 5.5 Print
    • 5.6 Object Methods
    • 5.7 Array
    • 5.8 Hash
    • 5.9 Blocks
    • 5.10 Modify Built-in Class
  • 6 Controller for Beginner
    • 6.1 HTTP Request / Actions
    • 6.2 Static GET API
      • Cross origin request (rack-cors)
    • 6.3 POST PUT PATCH DELETE for Static
  • 7 Models and Migration
    • 7.1 Creating Model
    • 7.2 Migrating Database
  • 8 Rails Console
    • 8.1 Ruby
    • 8.2 The power of Rails console
    • 8.3 Rails powered by Ruby is fun
  • 9 CRUD ​API
    • 9.1 Review
    • 9.2 RESTful APIs
    • 9.3 API GET users
    • 9.4 API GET users/:id
    • 9.5 API POST /users create
    • 9.6 API PATCH /users/:id update
    • 9.7 API DELETE /users/:id destroy
    • 9.8 Resourceful routes
    • 9.9 Final words on CRUD API
  • 10 The Power of Scaffolding
    • 10.1 rails g scaffold
    • 10.2 Controller from scaffold
  • 11 Model Relationship
    • 11.1 ER Diagram
    • 11.2 Starting small project
    • 11.3 Scaffold APIs
    • 11.4 The Missing APIs
    • 11.5 Model’s Relationship
    • 11.6 Testing Model’s Relationship
    • 11.7 Add missing API
    • 11.8 Extra
  • 12 Sending Emails
    • 12.1 Action Mailer Basic
    • 12.2 HTML Email Template Layouts
    • 12.3 Test sending email

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