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Someone Needs To

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Last updated on 2016-01-28

About the Book

The best businesses oftentimes are ones that solve a real problem. Having the problem yourself might be the best way to identify a potential business. Following that we believe that problems identified by current entrepreneurs is the next best way to identify a business idea with true potential. So we asked thousands of successful entrepreneurs what one great idea is they're willing to give away. This book is a compilation of the best of those ideas. The current edition contains about 500 ideas, ranging from tech ideas to product ideas to service ideas to more hard-to-label ideas. We will add more ideas through our daily interview series at IdeaMensch, so expect this book to grow in value over time. 

Here are some sample ideas that you'll find in this book:

Go out to businesses and offer them to clean (both internally and externally) their unused supply of technical products: computers, phones, printers, keyboards etc. Sell them second hand and share the revenue with the companies. As a corporate client I can choose to donate my share to charity or keep it in the business

Louise Eriksson – Founder and CEO of Vint


The time, cost, and expertise necessary to start a company are far too great. Create a virtualized corporation model that removes all the friction around legal, corp structure, capitalization, payroll, accounting, and more using best practices and software. Provide a “corporation in a box.”

Vivek Sharma – CEO of Movable Ink


There should be a travel app that tells you what to pack based on where you’re going. It should also suggest where you could go to buy items that you forgot to pack once you’re there.

Don Siclari – President of InChek


Pet owners have great insecurity about what will happen to their animals when they die or if they get too ill to care for them. There is a great opportunity to create a safety net for people to turn to for care of their pets if they were to pass away.

Lisa LaVerdiere – Founder of Home for Life Animal Sanctuary


During one of my entrepreneurial classes at Kent State University, I came up with an idea to create “Granolis” — an edible spoon made from oats which could become part of an on-the-go, meal, like yogurt.

Mike Matousek – Founder of


Somebody needs to start a for-profit high school for aspiring software engineers that provides an excellent computer science education for a share of the student’s earnings for the first 10 years after graduation.

Jesse Dundon – CEO of Hathway Mobile Agency


Notel. A super budget hotel. I hate paying a lot of money for hotels when I travel, so Notel would provide you with only a tiny, tiny room with no perks and no staff in the hotel. Automated check in and check out and no services above and beyond your bed, shower and sink.

Ron Spreeuwenberg – Co-Founder and CEO of HiMama

About the Editor

Mario Schulzke
Mario Schulzke

Mario Schulzke is the founder of IdeaMensch, a community he started to help people bring their ideas to life. He is the AVP of Marketing at his alma mater the University of Montana where he also teaches in the business school. Before, Mario spent 10 years managing digital strategy teams at ad agencies up and down the West Coast.

Mario is a first generation immigrant who came to America at the age of 16, much to the dismay of his family in Germany.  In his free time, Mario fly fishes, plays soccer, runs, does triathlons, swims, lifts, rock climbs, backpacks, plays racquetball and does Crossfit. He is bad at all of the above.

Mario owns a red house, a red car and a red scooter. His favorite color is orange.

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About the Contributors

Josh Hojem
Josh Hojem


Josh Hojem did a lot of the groundwork in compiling all of the ideas featured in this ebook.

Reader Testimonials

Jesse Lakes
Jesse Lakes

CEO, Geniuslink

It’s amazing to read through these ideas as they are putting me directly into the shoes of an entrepreneur and helping me discover awesome ideas. This is super inspirational and my new go-to for checking what other entrepreneurs are thinking about.

Ryan Watson
Ryan Watson

Growth Hack Ninjas

I found my brain going at light speed reading through these. This book will stimulate the entrepreneurial mind of anyone who reads it, I have no doubt.

Table of Contents

  • Intro
  • Service Ideas
  • Tech Ideas
  • Product Ideas
  • Hard-To-Label Ideas
  • More General Ideas
  • Thank You
  • About IdeaMensch

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