Software Engineer Salaries in 9 Countries
Software Engineer Salaries in 9 Countries
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Software Engineer Salaries in 9 Countries

Last updated on 2020-02-13

About the Book

The most popular technologies, and the most popular technology companies in nine countries.

* Australia 

* Germany 

* Spain 

* Sweden 

* The Netherlands 

* Turkey 

* United Arab Emirates 

* United Kingdom 

* United States

About the Authors: 

Senem & Ceyda sisters are also business partners, and have been so for eight years running. They are very passionate about people and tech, Coolever being their second company together; a recruitment SaaS business based in the United Kingdom. Coolever works to bring tech companies and tech people together and now, they share their obsvervations about life in the tech business.

About the Authors

Coolever Life
Coolever Life

Coolever brings technology companies and tech people together.

Senem ANIL
Senem ANIL

Managing Director @cooleverlife @enerjikagency 

*HR Amazon

*Start-up Lover! 

*People Ops


Ceyda ANIL
Ceyda ANIL

Econometrist, Entrepreneur, Digital nomad. HR and Tech lover! @cooleverlife @enerjikagency

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