Slow Down To Start Up
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Slow Down To Start Up

Conscious Entrepreneurship in Front of Lightning-Fast Execution Pressure

About the Book

In today's entrepreneurial world, founders and teams are overwhelmed with options and face constant pressure to move quickly, execute, and be productive. As they seek guidance from the startup ecosystem, they often try to "scale their way up" by opting for solutions that appear to pave the way to success.

While there's undeniable value in moving fast, learning quick, failing fast, pivoting, and the like; the journey often leaves little room for reflective thinking and to gain broader perspectives about the entrepreneurial activities and behaviors from the doers. The result is not always a failure that leads to success but it may too bring about waste of the most precious resources, team's time and energy; and moreover motivation, willpower and creativity.

"Slow Down to Start Up" starts by asking us the courage to slow down and the the recognition that time spent in reflective thinking is valuable and has to be valued as actual work time. Although it may seem costly, it's less expensive than continuously trying and failing and being lost in the overwhelming and abundant world of solutions that aren't asking us to call to action. What we win from this reflective journey, is the recognition that management of execution is worth and essential to any entrepreneurial activity.

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About the Author

Marcio S Galli
Marcio S Galli

Hello! I'm Marcio (Taboca) Galli, a lifelong contributor of the web and a passionate advocate for the transformative power of technology in education and communication. My journey in the tech world began at a young age and led me to earn a Computer Science degree from the University of São Paulo at São Carlos. My career has been marked by my contributions to open-source initiatives and web standards, starting with Netscape Communications and extending through my involvement with the Mozilla project.

In my over two decades in the industry, I've worn many hats - from software engineer to front-end developer, and from technical writer to founder. Writing, particularly in English, has been a cornerstone of my professional expression, enabling me to share my insights on technology and its intersection with entrepreneurship.

Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • Foreword
  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Behavioral urgency
    • Time
    • Wantrepreneur
      • The modern pathways
      • The essential entrepreneur
    • Words
      • In ChatGPT terms
      • What ChatGPT didn’t get
      • The words are stones, a letter to a friend
    • Interfaces
      • Mutual good will for good
    • Narratives
      • Narrative landscape builders
      • Narrative induced potential
    • Space
      • Seeking truths
    • Right
      • Being right and stuck
      • Turn right to nowhere
      • When the sun goes dark
      • The paradox from the rainbow
    • Impact
      • Transcending with compassion
    • Fears
    • Identity
      • Driven by vision
      • Driven by social capital
      • Escape hatch
    • Running
      • A train falls on a track
      • Transforming the train
      • Interconnected well-being
      • Reduction
    • Accounting
      • Cognitive behavior
      • Accounting learning
      • Accounting execution strategy
    • Success
      • Somebody, the controller, and the successful
      • Scaling the inner self
      • Searching integration
  • Interpersonal urgency
    • Happiness and animation
      • Sem tempo para despertar
      • Os Três Níveis de Assédio
      • Conclusão reflexiva
      • Considerações e exercício reflexivo
      • The mechanization of the paradise
      • Attracted to decide
    • Stages for growth
      • A narrativa dos bootcamps, incubadoras e aceleradoras
      • Self staging
      • Added recently
    • Stop impressing
      • Fits the norm but no feedback
      • Appears actionable but hides truths
      • Standards-compliant but disconnected from humans
      • Courage for enlightment
      • Stop being impressed
    • The feedback of urgency
      • The rise of the urgent
      • Accessing and assessing values
    • Expressing gratitude
    • Lean attention deficit
      • The holistic view under pressure
      • Entrepreneurial attention deficit
      • Expanding the horizon
      • Conclusion
    • Tools are weapons, for change
      • Technology-based and friendly intention
      • O Caso: Segurança em Espaços Compartilhados
      • Harmonizing tools
      • Collaboration by the medium
      • Communication empathic design
    • Reducing battles, increasing listening
      • The salesperson-entrepreneur
      • Irreducible minimum
    • In peace with communication
      • Running with normal communications
      • Communication happens more
      • Executive communication
  • Systemic urgency
    • Selecting investors
      • In the boat
      • A successful interaction with a bad investor
    • Not so radical focus
      • Can goal-setting survive?
      • Course-correcting from goal-setting
      • The output, the input, and the outcome
    • Contracts
      • More on contracts
      • System doesn’t allow
    • The flow of pressure
      • Effortlessly pushing for effort
      • Team health
      • Crying not okay vs. Screaming Fine
    • Strategic dissonance
      • The data is around and you don’t even know it
    • Certainty gap
    • Driving for attraction
      • A busca por feedback positivo nas redes sociais
      • O Jogo de Navegar no Sistema
      • Olhando Além da Miragem da Validação
      • Conclusão
      • Considerations draft
    • The Narrative Dilemma
      • The language of action
      • The narrative rationality
      • Outcome-based storytelling
    • The lean dilemma
      • The stage
      • The photo montage
      • Parallel narratives
    • Productivity and innovation culture
      • The improvement of lives of individuals as part of their organizations
      • Network effects potential and social impact
      • Extended integration
  • Afterword
  • Acknowledgements
      • Thanks v4 - hands on acceptances
  • References
      • Cross
  • Notes

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