SignalR: Developing Realtime Web Applications

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About the Book

SignalR is a complete game-changer in the web-development field. It offers reliable real-time cross-browser, cross-platform messaging that helps to create a new generation of real-time web-apps. It is something that up until now was very difficult to achieve well without spending a considerable amount of effort and resources

The key notion behind the book is for the readers to get hand-on experience of true real-time web development. The book will illustrate the concepts using Real-time Error Logging Dashboard that will display live feeds of simulated error logs as well as let user browse the errors. It will cover the key concepts of persistent connections and hubs. However, it will also cater for a more advanced user by illustrating how to extend SignalR or self-host the SignalR server out-with the web-context.

You get the book to guide you through, code snippets, entire source code and a chance to get hold of me on twitter if you get stuck ;-)

Table Of Contents

  1. Introducing SignalR
  2. Setting Up Your Project
  3. Persistent Connections
  4. Hubs
  5. Groups And Authentication
  6. Extending SignalR
  7. Self Host SignalR
  8. Appendix A: Transport Types
  9. Appendix B: SignalR Nuget Packages

About the Author

I’ve been using SignalR in several production applications. On top of that, I have several years of experience with commercial products that directly compete with SignalR. More recently, I’ve been writing blog posts and giving talks on real-time app development with SignalR.

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