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Authors, companies and universities use Leanpub to easily write, publish and sell amazing in-progress and completed ebooks and online courses!

Sign up and create up to 100 books or courses for free. (You can also sign up if you just want a reader account, of course.) Or, choose a Standard or Pro plan for more features.

You can write books in Markdown (our dialect is called Markua), Google Docs or our visual editor, and publish an ebook (in PDF, EPUB and MOBI) with one click. The Leanpub store helps you sell your book while it's in-progress, getting reader feedback and earning 80% royalties. Or, upload a completed ebook to sell in our store.

You can also write courses in Markdown, and publish and sell with one click. Leanpub courses are similar to books, but they have exercises, quizzes, automated marking and certificates. Build your own course for learners around the world!

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