Scott Test Prod
Scott Test Prod
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Scott Test Prod

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Completed on 2017-08-08

About the Book

This is just a test book. You should not buy it.

About the Author

Scott Patten
Scott Patten

Scott is a programmer and web developer. He has an MSc in Physics from the University of British Columbia and spent a decade gainfully employed as a physicist shooting lasers at polymers and ink drops at paper.

In 2006, Scott switched to programming full time. He joined Ruboss as a co-founder in 2009, and created Leanpub with Peter in 2010. Scott is the author of The S3 Cookbook and the lead author of Leanpub's book generation engine.

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Scott Test Prod
Scott Test Production, second edition
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Frank Joeson
Frank Joeson

Software mangler

Something something Какой-то текст и вещи

Table of Contents

  • 1. The issue
    • 1.1 The markup
  • 2. This is a Second Chapter

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