Elephant sized PHP
Elephant sized PHP
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Elephant sized PHP

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About the Book

Scaling PHP Applications introduces the techniques that are used to run PHP at scale.  This book discusses real world strategies and focuses on the implementation of best practice solutions.

About the Author

Andy Beak
Andy Beak

Andy is a cloud software architect working for a leading IPTV tech company in Cambridge, UK. He has 7 years of experience with the PHP language, with more than half of that time being in senior roles.  During his time in the industry Andy has worked on applications for large financial institutions, dynamic startups, payment processors, as well as a slew of smaller web applications.  

Table of Contents

    • Introduction
  • Architecture
    • Divide and Conquer
      • N-tier Architecture
      • Microservices
      • Sharing sessions
      • Logging
    • The fallacies of distributed computing
      • The network is reliable
      • Latency is zero
      • Bandwidth is infinite
      • Transport cost is zero
      • The network is secure
      • Topology doesn’t change
      • There is one administrator
      • The network is homogenous
    • Optimizing your PHP code
      • Choosing which functions to use
      • Loops
      • Generators
      • Optimize Composer Autoloader
    • Asynchronous Workers
      • Queues
      • Amazon SQS
      • Autoscaling PHP Workers in AWS Elastic Beanstalk
      • Other Queue Providers
    • Context and caching
      • Layers of caches
      • Transactions
      • The problem with context
      • Practical example
      • Load balancing between your server and the users device
      • Cookies and caching
      • So how can we avoid context?
    • Control your cache
      • Versioning resources
      • The Cache-Control header
      • Max-age
      • Setting your origin cache-control header
      • Don’t forget non-proxied responses
    • MySQL design optimisation
      • Choosing Data Types
      • Schema Design
      • Indexing
      • Indexing Strategies
    • Redis and Memcached
      • Memcache versus Memcached
      • What do they do?
      • Using a cache
      • Russian Doll caching
      • Cache warmup scripts
    • Enemies of scale
  • Metrics
    • Profiling Your Code
      • Commercial application performance monitoring software
      • Xdebug and Kcachegrind
      • Strace
      • PageSpeed
      • Profiling OpCache
    • Load-testing tools
      • Gatling
      • Siege
      • LoaderIO
    • Profiling MySQL
      • Database Metrics
      • Benchmarking strategies
      • Profiling tools
  • Servers
    • The Nginx web-server
      • Configuring Nginx
      • Nginx as a reverse proxy
      • Nginx+ and JWT authentication
    • Tuning PHP
      • Configuring PHP-FPM
      • Opcache
    • Tuning MySQL
      • Alternatives to MySQL
      • Different aims of scaling
      • The process of tuning
      • MySQL settings
      • Using the memory storage engine
    • Cookieless Subdomains
      • Creating the subdomain
      • Set up the subdomain in Nginx
      • Get a free certificate for your subdomain
    • Content Delivery Networks
      • CloudFlare
      • Amazon Cloudfront
      • Akamai CDN
      • Using a CDN
    • Load Balancing
      • Load Balancing Algorithms
      • Types of Load Balancing
      • Synchronising File Systems
      • Choosing a load balancer
    • Using Amazon Elasticache
      • Setting up and configuring
      • Monitoring
      • Connecting to ElastiCache
      • Scaling

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