Sapphire and Sage
Sapphire and Sage
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Sapphire and Sage

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Last updated on 2016-05-31

About the Book

When their parents were murdered, twin sisters Sapphire and Sage, were separated to keep them safe. That was 22 years ago. Now, just before their 25th birthday, they are reunited only to learn the true reason for their parent’s murder, magic. They are the current generation in a long line of powerful witches. Their family tree seems cursed, with tragedy and death haunting each generation, traced as far back as the 1700s.

The Night Rage Coven is a group of power hungry demons with the ability to steal magic as long as they can kill the last of a bloodline. When the twins inherit their powers, they become the latest target of the Coven. They must learn to work together and control their new magic before it is too late. Will they survive the hunt or will the bloodline end with them?

About the Author

Kayleigh Grian
Kayleigh Grian

Kayleigh Grian is currently a part time student working on her Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Computer Forensics and Security. She also works full time as a police dispatcher. Kayleigh has always enjoyed writing, especially fiction and poetry. She is working on several projects including her first novel and a collection of short stories. Kayleigh enjoys reading as much as she does writing and will often go through a few books a week when she doesn't have a ton of homework to do.

Table of Contents

  • Intro
  • Chapter One: Sage’s Packet
  • Chapter Two: Bad Day
  • Chapter Three: Time for the Truth
  • Chapter Four: The Lake House
  • Chapter Five: Spooked
  • Chapter Six: Meet the Fosters
  • Chapter Seven: The Woods
  • Chapter Eight: Sapphire
  • Chapter Nine: Road Trip
  • Chapter Ten: Shocking
  • Chapter Eleven: Sapphire Arrives
  • Chapter Twelve:
  • Chapter Thirteen:
  • Chapter Fourteen:
  • Chapter Fifteen:
  • Chapter Sixteen:
  • Chapter Seventeen: The Fosters Tell All
  • Chapter Eighteen: The Questions Come
  • Chapter Nineteen: A Night of Rest
  • Chapter Twenty: The Morning After
  • Chapter Twenty One: And so it Begins
  • Strangers Come (Bonus Content)

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