The SaaS Handbook
The SaaS Handbook (Student)
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The SaaS Handbook

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Last updated on 2017-08-27

About the Book

From an idea to an actual product or service that's bringing in money. I'm going to cover some things that you should develop yourselves, and which services you can use at a free or reasonable starting cost, reducing your time to market. Think of this as a practical Lean startup book.

About the Author

Tit Petric
Tit Petric

I'm a seasoned veteran of software engineering. Interested in performance optimization and problem solving. High traffic, high availability, virtualization, docker - these are the categories in which I live.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    • About me
    • Motivation for this book
    • Subjects covered
    • Who is this book for?
    • How should I study it?
  • Setting up your SaaS/product
    • Blog
    • Collecting and sending e-mails
    • Payment
    • Creating your SaaS as a Vue.js App
  • Getting started with VueJS
  • Creating a Vue.js project
    • Optional: using node, npm and yarn from Docker
    • Creating a Vue.js project
    • Best practice for a complex app
    • Routes and views
    • Global components
    • API first application design
    • Using Bootstrap for your front-end efficiently
    • A note on using libraries like jQuery
    • Adding CDN hosted libraries
  • Collecting emails and registrations
    • Landing page
    • Hosting your VueJS app
    • Installing Firebase CLI
    • Deploying your app to Firebase hosting
    • Adding Firebase Auth to your VueJS App
    • Implementing login & registration
    • Logging in and logging out
    • Social Login with Google Authentication
    • Verifying sessions on the back-end
  • Selling your product
    • Product sales
    • Subscriptions
  • Offering subscriptions

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