Ruby for Web Designers
Ruby for Web Designers
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Ruby for Web Designers

Last updated on 2016-07-04

About the Book

Ruby is awesome!

Ruby is one of the most dynamic, expressive programming languages ever created. It allows you to write clean, intention-revealing code. It's also fun to learn.

What's in the book?

This book takes apart a web page, rebuilds it in Ruby, and explores how its structure can be used to understand various object-oriented programming concepts. 

Learn how to program!

If you have experience with HTML and you want to learn how to program, pickup a copy. It's a short read that will get you started on your coding journey.

What are you waiting for? Your great aunt will be calling you to fix her printer in no time! 

About the Author

Patrick J. Sparrow
Patrick J. Sparrow


My name is Patrick J. Sparrow. I'm a web developer with nearly 10 years of programming experience. I have worked with non-profit organizations, universities, marketing firms, startups, and other small businesses on projects including websites, desktop applications, e-commerce shopping carts, mobile application backends, event management systems, language translators, and more. I even have code running on underwater testing devices in Japan!

I first learned how to build web pages using a collection of objects that could be converted into HTML. Now, I want to reverse that idea and teach those who already know how to build web pages to write code by constructing a similar set of objects. I hope you will join me on this journey as we learn how to build a web page without writing any HTML!



Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • I Objects
  • II Classes
  • III Arrays
  • IV Hashes
  • V Attributes
  • VI Inheritance
  • VII Conditionals
  • VIII Composition
  • IX Refactoring
  • X Metaprogramming
  • XI Testing
  • XII The Codebase
  • Conclusion
  • About the Author

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