Rose on Fire
Rose on Fire
Rose on Fire

Last updated on 2015-08-31

About the Book

Rose on Fire is the first poetry collection by performance poet Ellana Rose Thornton-Wheybrew. Included in the collection is an introduction by the poet, describing her love of poetry and language, her inspiration, and her literary influences. The poetry itself covers a range of topics from the joys of first love to dark and sinister murders, each poem describes a part of the human condition.

Rose on Fire takes the reader on a journey into the depths of the human mind: all of its dark urges are juxtaposed against romantic love, creating a complete picture of the highs and lows of what it means to be human and beyond.

The collection is now split into two parts. The first part is the edited work that was originally in the collection. The second part is unedited material in its purest form; they are still the poetry of Ellana, but a much younger Ellana. The poems in this section will be worked on over time and the collection updated, but the original form of the poem will remain so readers can watch the poems progress. Rose on Fire now includes nearly every poem ever written by the poet.

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About the Author

Ellana Rose Thornton-Wheybrew
Ellana Rose Thornton-Wheybrew

Ellana Thornton-Wheybrew was born in London, UK, and from an early age showed an interest in literature and writing. By the time she had entered her teenage years, she already had a large catalogue of poetry and short stories. Her love of literature is not just a passion; it has become quite a large part of her life and education.

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