The Complete Redux Book (2nd edition)
The Complete Redux Book (2nd edition)
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The Complete Redux Book (2nd edition)

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Completed on 2018-04-19

About the Book

Redux might be one of the smallest libraries in the JS world, but it is having a huge impact on modern web development.  An array of new concepts and ideas make Redux both challenging to understand and extremely powerful to use.

In this book you will learn about the inner workings of Redux, and how to use it to solve real-world challenges. We’ll teach you about everything you need to know to use this valuable tool effectively, including store enhancers, normalized state, unit testing, using third-party libraries, and much, much more.

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About the Authors

Ilya Gelman
Ilya Gelman

Ilya is the Head of NYC Office at 500Tech – Israel’s top Angular & React consultancy. Over the years he helped dozens of small and large companies build advanced front-end with Angular and React. He speaks and teaches around the world, organizes multiple local front-end communities and international conferences in Israel and United States.

Boris Dinkevich
Boris Dinkevich

An avid developer for the past 15 years, currently the co-founder of 500Tech - Israel's top AngularJS & ReactJS consultancy and Israel's AngularJS & ReactJS meetup community organizer.

Table of Contents

    • Preface
      • Should I Read This Book?
      • How to Read This Book
      • Code Repository
      • Acknowledgements
  • Part 1. Introduction to Redux
    • Chapter 1. Core Concepts of Flux and Redux
      • What Is Flux?
      • Redux and Flux
      • Redux Terminology
      • General Concepts
      • Redux and React/Angular
      • Basic Redux Implementation
      • Summary
    • Chapter 2. Example Redux Application
      • Starter Project
      • Example Application
      • A Closer Look at Reducers
      • Handling Typos and Duplicates
      • A Simple UI
      • Logging
      • Getting Data from the Server
      • Summary
  • Part 2. Redux in Depth
    • Chapter 3. The Store
      • Creating a Store
      • Decorating the Store
      • Summary
    • Chapter 4. Actions and Action Creators
      • Passing Parameters to Actions
      • Action Creators
      • Flux Standard Actions
      • String Constants
      • Full Action Creators Example
      • Testing Action Creators
      • redux-thunk
      • redux-actions
      • Summary
    • Chapter 5. Reducers
      • Reducers in Practice
      • Avoiding Mutations
      • Ensuring Immutability
      • Using Immer for Temporary Mutations
      • Higher-Order Reducers
      • Summary
    • Chapter 6. Middleware
      • Understanding next()
      • Our First Middleware
      • Async Actions
      • Using Middleware for Flow Control
      • Other Action Types
      • Parameter-Based Middleware
      • The Difference Between next() and dispatch()
      • How Are Middleware Used?
      • Summary
  • Part 3. Redux in the Real World
    • Chapter 7. State Management
      • Reducer Nesting and Coupling
      • State as a Database
      • Keeping a Normalized State
      • Persisting State
      • Real-World State
      • Summary
    • Chapter 8. Server Communication
      • Asynchronous Action Creators
      • API Middleware
      • Moving Code from Action Creators
      • Error Handling
      • Authentication
      • Handling Other HTTP Methods
      • Implementing a Loading Indicator (Spinner)
      • Transforming Data
      • Chaining Network Requests
      • Summary
    • Chapter 9. Managing Side Effects
      • Side Effects in Action Creators
      • Side Effects in Middleware
      • Other Solutions
      • Messaging Patterns
      • Summary
    • Chapter 10. WebSockets
      • Basic Architecture
      • Connecting to Redux
      • Implementation
      • Complete WebSocket Middleware Code
      • Authentication
      • Summary
    • Chapter 11. Testing
      • Directory Organization
      • Testing Action Creators
      • Async Action Creators
      • Testing Reducers
      • Testing Middleware
      • Integration Tests
      • Summary
    • The Evolution of Redux
      • Redux Roadmap
      • Growth of the Redux Ecosystem
    • Further Reading
      • Courses and Tutorials
      • Useful Libraries
      • Resource Repositories
    • Closing Words
      • Improving the Book
      • What’s Next

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