Step by Step Real World… by Ibrahim Yusuf [PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Step by Step Real World Application with Laravel 4
Step by Step Real World Application with Laravel 4
Step by Step Real World Application with Laravel 4

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Last updated on 2014-03-12

About the Book


Step by Step: Real World Application with Laravel 4 is a very practical book, and is very effective for freelancers, full-stack developers, small teams, and trainers. As a busy person, you don't have much time for learning. You want steps with straightforward instructions, explaining how and why, and let your creativity blend in. You already know what to build, you just want to know how to do it, why doing it, and how it works.

That's where this book comes in. The book explains from start to finish, from nothing to everything, and from beginner to intermediate. Experts might still learn a thing or two.


Is this a full book?


Does it cover every single bit of Laravel?

No. This book aimed to turn your idea into a product, but it is not a framework manual. It uses various software and features, inside and outside of Laravel.

Do I need other books to get the most out of this book?

No. While having other books can give you more detailed insight to Laravel framework, you can still build a complete web app just using this book alone.

Do I need to pay for updates?

No. Future updates will be always free.

Do I need to use specific software, like Sublime Text?

No. I aim to use only free and open source software, but you can always use your own favorite software for development.

Will I be able to create multi-million dollar web apps?

Yes, perhaps. Depends on your idea and execution. This book tells you how, but it's you that will actually execute it.

Will you ask for royalties when my app become a great success?


Will you marry me?


About the Author

Ibrahim Yusuf
Ibrahim Yusuf

Ibrahim Yusuf is an Indonesian full-stack software developer. He loves creating applications, teaching, and writing.

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