ReactPHP for Beginners
ReactPHP for Beginners
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ReactPHP for Beginners

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Completed on 2018-08-11

About the Book

The main purpose of this book is to get you started with developing asynchronous applications in PHP. I will show you that PHP is much more than run the script, execute some code and die. You will be amazed by the way your familiar PHP language can be used! The asynchronous model will definitely expand the way you think about PHP.

In fact, there is no need to learn a new language when you need to write some asynchronous stuff just because someone blames PHP that it is not a right tool. You can create asynchronous applications in PHP and this book will show you how.

It will be a step by step guide to building an asynchronous PHP application.

About the Author

Sergey Zhuk
Sergey Zhuk

I've been a developer for over 8 years now, and PHP has almost always been my programming language of choice. Currently, I keep myself as a full-stack developer. Specialize in backend development with PHP.

In a free time, I am writing my own technical blog, making screencasts about asynchronous PHP and contribute to Open Source.

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ReactPHP for Beginners
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ReactPHP for Beginners
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Table of Contents

  • About
    • Intended audience
    • Code samples
    • Errata
  • Asynchronous PHP
    • Introduction
    • What is the right tool?
    • Asynchronous vs parallel
    • A real application
  • HTTP server
    • Required software and components
    • The couple lines HTTP server
    • Event-driven execution
    • Handling the request
  • Routing requests
    • Organizing the code
    • What is router?
    • Router class
    • Respond from routes
    • Router refactoring
  • Rendering HTML files
    • Reading files. A wrong way
    • Blocking and non-blocking calls
    • Child process
    • Dependency injection
    • Wire child process and response with streams
    • Current working directory
  • Handle POST requests
    • Uploading files
    • Storing uploads on disk
    • Issue with hanging process
  • View uploads
    • Piping streams
    • Rendering PHP template
    • Update uploading response
    • Move uploads list to main page
  • Adding image previews
    • Router with regular expressions
  • Extracting controllers
    • Add application namespace
    • First controller
    • Remove logic from routes
    • Child processes factory
    • Controller for downloads
    • Missed controller for favicon
  • Resizing images
    • Streams and events
    • Display real preview
    • The problem of asynchronous response
  • Deferred response
    • The problem
    • Promise and deferred
    • A deferred response
  • Handling errors
    • Server Error event
    • Catch all errors
  • Up and running
    • Supervisor: script as service
  • Conclusion

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