React From Scratch, Book 3: React Mastery
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React From Scratch, Book 3: React Mastery

This is the third book in the React from Scratch book series.

About the Book

This is the third book in the React from Scratch book series.

About the Author

Ajdin Imsirovic
Ajdin Imsirovic

Ajdin Imsirovic is a full-stack web developer who has published several courses (way back in 2015) on the subject of web design and web development. 

Before self-publishing books on Leanpub, he authored four books on front-end development for Packt Publishing:

  1. Vue CLI 3 Quick Start Guide (Build and maintain Vue.js applications quickly with the standard CLI), May 2019
  2. Vue.js Quick Start Guide (Learn how to build amazing and complex reactive web applications easily using Vue.js), October 2018
  3. Elm Web Development (An introductory guide to building functional web apps using Elm), March 2018
  4. Bootstrap 4 Cookbook (Over 75 recipes to help you build elegant and responsive web applications with Bootstrap 4), June 2017

Additionally, he's published a number of books on the Leanpub platform, specifically:

  1. A Better Way to Learn JavaScript - The Basics:
  2. A Better Way to Learn JavaScript - Built-in Objects:
  3. A Better Way to Learn JavaScript - Useful Snippets:
  4. A Better Way to Learn JavaScript - Mini Apps:
  5. A Better Way to Learn JavaScript - Advanced JavaScript:
  6. Angular From Scratch:
  7. Vue.js From Scratch:
  8. React from Scratch:
  9. Building Amazing Layouts - Learn the Basics of HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap 5:
  10. Building Amazing Layouts - Bootstrap 5 Layouts in Depth:

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 0: Before we start
    • 0.1 Disclaimer
      • 0.2 Assumptions: Things to have and know before we start
        • 0.3 What this book is about?
        • Chapter 1: React Context
          • 1.1 What is React context?
            • 1.2 Why use React context?
              • 1.3 How to use React context?
                • 1.4 The simplest possible app that uses React context
                  • 1.4.1 The parent component
                    • 1.4.2 The child component
                      • 1.4.3 The app
                        • 1.4.4 The output
                        • 1.5 Revising things learned about React context
                          • 1.6 Exercise: Build your own React context app
                            • 1.6.1 The parent component
                              • 1.6.2 The child component
                                • 1.6.3 The app
                                • 1.7 Passing multiple state variables using a single React context
                                  • 1.8 Passing multiple state variables to multiple components using React context
                                    • 1.9 Using multiple React contexts
                                      • 1.10 Practice makes perfect
                                        • 1.10.1 Prop drilling
                                          • 1.10.2 Lifting up state
                                            • 1.10.3 Using Context
                                            • 1.11 Solutions and conclusion
                                            • Chapter 2: React Router
                                              • 2.1 What is React Router?
                                                • 2.2 Installing React Router
                                                  • 2.3 The simplest possible React Router application
                                                    • 2.4 Adding React router to an existing app
                                                      • 2.4.1 Creating the Home component and the About component
                                                        • 2.4.2 Adding routes
                                                      • Chapter 3: Build a multi-page site in React and deploy it to Netlify
                                                        • 3.1 The design
                                                          • 3.2 The code
                                                            • 3.2.1 Create a new sandbox
                                                              • 3.2.2 Install dependencies
                                                                • 3.2.3 Create the Home component
                                                                  • 3.2.4 Create the Work component
                                                                    • 3.2.5 Create the App component
                                                                      • 3.2.6 Convert the template to a multi-page site
                                                                        • 3.2.7 Update the Home component
                                                                          • 3.2.8 Add some styling
                                                                            • 3.2.9 Add the Contact component
                                                                            • 3.3 Improving the app
                                                                              • 3.4 Final touches
                                                                                • 4. Deploying to Netlify
                                                                                  • 5. Conclusion
                                                                                  • Chapter 4: Introduction to Redux
                                                                                    • 4.1 What is Redux?
                                                                                      • 4.2 A high-level overview of Redux
                                                                                        • 4.3 Understanding how Redux works
                                                                                        • Chapter 5: Pending
                                                                                          • 5.1 asdf
                                                                                          • Chapter 6: Pending
                                                                                            • 6.1 asdf
                                                                                            • Chapter 7: Pending
                                                                                              • 7.1 asdf
                                                                                              • Chapter 8: Pending
                                                                                                • 8.1 asdf
                                                                                                • Chapter 9: Pending
                                                                                                  • 9.1 asdf
                                                                                                  • Chapter 10: Pending
                                                                                                    • 10.1 asdf
                                                                                                    • Chapter 11: Pending
                                                                                                      • 11.1 asdf

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