Python for… by Mark McDonnell [Leanpub PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Python for Programmers
Python for Programmers
Python for Programmers

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Completed on 2016-09-15

About the Book

If you're a programmer, then learning a new language isn't difficult. It's just syntax at the end of the day, and so you're not overly concerned about 'how' to write code. You're more interested in just getting setup quickly and in the right direction.

Things like:

  • What's the best way to install and run applications?
  • How do dependencies and libraries work?
  • What does the important parts of the language API look like?
  • What's are the language idiosyncrasies?
    • For Loops
    • Generators
    • List Comprehensions
    • Magic Methods
    • Writing tests

Getting to this information quickly is what will make the difference to your success picking up the language and how fast you get up and running.

About the Author

Mark McDonnell
Mark McDonnell

Senior Software Engineer @BuzzFeed (ex @BBC @StormCreative). Polyglot. Author. Jazz Guitarist. Husband. Faking it until I make it.

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