A Working Intro to Cryptography
A Working Intro to Cryptography
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A Working Intro to Cryptography

Last updated on 2014-01-08

About the Book

This is an introduction to cryptography for developers. It assumes that you aren't looking for cryptographic theories, but practical ways to use cryptography in your projects. It covers the basic standard building blocks, and includes some sample code to help you get started. Right now, it's pretty short but I'm open for topics to discuss.

This document is a published version of the original blog post. You can read the post in its entirety there; this is primarily offered as way to support the author and to make it easier to publish in multiple ebook formats.

About the Author

Kyle Isom
Kyle Isom

I am a systems engineer at CloudFlare, where I am currently focused on developing secure systems at scale with Go.

About the Contributors

Chris Navrides
Chris Navrides
Chris made a lot of suggestions that I think enhance the readability and cohesion of this introduction.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Block Ciphers
  • ASCII-Armouring
    • A Simple Header
    • A More Complex Container
  • Public-key Cryptography
    • Generating Keys
    • Signing Messages
    • Encryption
  • Key Exchange
  • Source Code Listings
    • secretkey.py
    • publickey.py

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