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Public Speaking Fastlane

Last updated on 2018-11-10

About the Book

Imagine you stand before a large auditorium and deliver a brilliant speech. One that is organized and easy to comprehend. One that gives your audience actual value and awes them. One that you deliver with effortless confidence.

What would it feel like?

Reading this book will give you the tools to get there fast. It is a compact and comprehensive step-by-step guide covering crucial factors of public speaking:

  • Things to consider before you even start preparing.
  • Timeless rules of composition.
  • Tips on how to catch audience's attention even more.
  • Ways to handle the mother of all fears - the stage fright.
  • A set of tips and tricks allowing you to raise the bar.

Just remember - this book is not about PowerPoint. This book is about the essence of art creation. The rules are the same, whatever you do.

About the Author

Lukasz Olczyk
Lukasz Olczyk

You could say I’m into IT for three decades – that is, if geek kid pushing BASIC code into his Atari counts.

I struggled when choosing college, so I needed to make a wise choice. I flipped a coin and ended up being programmer. Then manager. Then the Agile began and (following achieving mastery over two days of training) I became the worst Scrum Master I’ve ever seen. Then (hopefully) a somewhat better Product Owner. Then Agile Coach.

Now I run a small strategic consulting agency, focused on actual business outcomes, not means to an end.

I’m an introvert, yet I love to go on stage and boldly challenge all the misconceptions, myths, and legends that arose around Agile on numerous conferences.

I’m a philosopher of stoicism and essentialism. By pure coincidence (or not), these two streams of thought actually combine to create what I mean by Agile.

I lived in seventeen different places, before deciding to settle in Wroclaw, Poland. For now.

As a passionate petrol-head, I believe jogging to be reserved for lunatics only – which explains why you can see me jogging a few early mornings each week.

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