Psychonetics: a nerd’s toolset to work with mind and perception
Psychonetics: a nerd’s toolset to work with mind and perception
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Psychonetics: a nerd’s toolset to work with mind and perception

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Completed on 2017-01-03

About the Book

Psychonetics is a methodology to access mental and perceptual resources in their basic forms and in ideologically unbiased manner.

Conscious ability to access such resources in a predictable fashion opens a possibility to create new types of technologies based on exclusive properties of the human mind.

This book provides an overview of the history, concepts, practices, educational process and existing applications of psychonetics.

About the Author

Table of Contents

  • About this book
  • Introduction
    • Kiev Institute of Psychology and its 1980s research
    • Separating technology from ideology
    • Psychonetics as a technological approach in psychology
  • Psychonetical concepts and practices
    • An illustration of psychonetical techniques
    • Basic principles of psychonetics
    • Concepts
      • Psychonetical concept: Will
      • Psychonetical concept: Perceptual modalities
      • Psychonetical concept: Attention
      • Psychonetical concept: Pure meanings (pure semantics)
    • Practices
      • Group of practices (WM): Will meditation
      • Group of practices (PU): Working with perceptual uncertainties
      • Group of practices (VM): Working with attention in visual modality
      • Group of practices (AM): Working with attention in auditory modality
      • Group of practices (SM): Working with attention in somatic modality
      • Group of practices (PM): Working with pure meanings
      • Group of practices (CP): Combined practices
      • Obtaining more practices
    • Guidelines on planning individual study
      • Studying through agile methodology
      • Using a personal wiki
      • Duration of practice
    • Safety norms
  • Exploration and application of psychonetics
    • Pursuing supernatural phenomena
    • Applying psychonetics in a professional area
    • Technological application of psychonetics
    • Existing applications of psychonetics
      • Freediving
      • Brain-computer interface
      • Software engineering
  • Conclusions
    • Psychonetics for computer nerds
    • Open psychonetics
  • References
  • Credits
  • Revision History
    • 2016-10-16
    • 2017-01-03

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