Proven Catholic
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Proven Catholic

Volume I, Defend Your Faith Against Protestants

About the Book

The book has real questions that Catholics have been challenged with from Protestants and shows the best way to respond to them. It also has dialogues between Catholics and Protestants to show how such discussions can go in real life and how you can direct the conversation to the root issue that will lead your Protestant friends to Catholicism.

About the Author

Devin Rose
Devin Rose

Computer programmer and Catholic man wanting to help other people.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Mary and Her Friends
    • Why Ask Mary Fifty Times?
    • Medals and Sacramentals
    • Nuns in Hell with Crucifixes and Rosaries
    • An Odd Apparition?
    • Was Mother Theresa Bad?
    • Struggling With Hell
  • Love and Family Issues
    • A Protestant Wife Tries to Convert Her Husband Away From Catholicism
    • Catholic Son Dating a Protestant Woman
    • Is Love Primarily a Feeling?
    • Can a Christian Fall Away?
  • Sacraments
    • This Is Symbolically My Body
    • Why Would Anyone Knowingly Deny the Sacraments?
    • Valid Ministers of Sacraments
    • Born Again Mean Baptism
    • Pope Francis on Communion for Divorced and Remarried Catholics
  • The Church
    • The False Dichotomy and Strawman
    • Piper at the Gates of Dawn
    • “Religious” As a Bad Word
  • Atonement and Justification
    • Debt Cancellation
    • Penal Substitution
    • Purgatory and Justification
    • Conclusion
  • Real Dialogues
    • Tradition and the Canon of Scripture
    • William Lane Craig on the Canon
    • The Very Concerned Protestant Friend
    • My Protestant Friend Attacks Catholicism
  • Conclusion

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