Pro Episerver Commerce
Pro Episerver Commerce
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Pro Episerver Commerce

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Last updated on 2018-10-17

About the Book

This book is for experienced .NET developers who want to start working with Episerver Commerce, or Episerver Commerce developers who want to deepen their knowledge. I aim to provide a depth view of internal implementation of Commerce, how things work, why things are the way they are, how you can use API:s to create working eCommerce solutions, and ultimately, how to use the knowledge in the book to make those solutions better.

The draft is completed, however the book can be revised here and there to improve the content, and/or to update with the latest changes in Episerver Commerce. Topics discussed in the book:

Part 1: Catalog System

Part 1.1 Important concepts.

Part 2: Inventories and Prices

Part 3: The order system - selling is what (really) matters

Part 4: Events - Listen and react

Part 5: Search

Part 6: Promotions - Everybody loves discounts.

Part 7: Business Foundation

Part 8: Extending the system

Chapter 1 can be read/downloaded for free.

About the Author

Quan Mai
Quan Mai

One of the dedicated Episerver Commerce developers from day 1, I am both CMS Certified Developer and Commerce Certified Developer. I am also an Oracle on Episerver World forums, and known for helping people solving their Commerce problems. You can reach my page at or my personal email at


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Pro Episerver Commerce
Episerver Commerce: A problem - solution approach
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Reader Testimonials

Pawel Goralczyk
Pawel Goralczyk

I got your book. Think I found my answers there :)!

Kristoffer Balanikas
Kristoffer Balanikas

Good stuff! I wish you wrote this book a year ago :) I am on page 13…good work man!

Marcus Babajews
Marcus Babajews

Director of Solutions Architecture - Asia Pacific, Episerver

I’ve been reading it. It is brilliant.

Khurram Khan
Khurram Khan


A must read!

Table of Contents

    • Who is this book for
      • Prerequisites
      • How to get started
    • Chapter 0: A brief history
    • Chapter 0.5: A framework overview
      • A framework built on pluggable dependencies.
      • Nuget packages and upgrading your site.
      • Terminologies and conventions
  • Part 1: Catalog System
    • Chapter 1: How the catalog is structured
      • The entries
      • The standard configuration
      • The two systems.
      • ReferenceConverter - the bridge.
    • Chapter 2: Catalog content modeling
      • The MetaData system
      • The strongly typed models
      • Modeling catalog content types
      • Dictionary types.
    • Chapter 3: Associations, relations and assets
      • Working with associations and relations
      • Assets
      • Catalog content versions
      • Import and export catalogs
      • Optimizing your catalog structure
      • Optimizing your catalog operations
  • Part 1.1 Important concepts.
    • Chapter 3.1 Markets
    • Chapter 3.2 Application-level settings
  • Part 2: Inventories and Prices
    • Chapter 4: Prices.
    • Chapter 5: Inventories
      • Warehouse
      • Inventory
  • Part 3: The order system - selling is what (really) matters
    • Chapter 6: The Order system.
      • Overview
      • How stuffs are structured.
    • Chapter 7: New Order system - the new promise
      • Why a new system
      • Everything is an interface.
      • IOrderRepository - Goodbye CartHelper
      • IOrderGroupFactory - everything in memory
      • IOrderAddress
      • Workflows or non-workflows, that’s the question.
      • The new cart system.
    • Chapter 8: Taxes
      • Taxes configuration
      • Taxes calculation
      • Tax-included prices
  • Part 4: Events - Listen and react
    • Chapter 9: Content events.
    • Chapter 10: Inventories, Prices and Orders events
      • Inventories and prices events
      • Orders events
  • Part 5: Search
    • Chapter 11: Search
      • Searching for products.
      • Searching for orders
  • Part 6: Promotions - Everybody loves discounts.
    • Chapter 12: The old promotion system.
      • How promotion works?
    • Chapter 13: The new promotion system
  • Part 7: Business Foundation
    • Chapter 14: Business Foundation overview
      • Number of objects
      • Extending Business Objects
      • The pipeline
      • Customer Contact
      • Customer Address
      • Performance optimization
  • Part 8: Extending the system.
    • Plug your implementations - Episerver Framework way.
    • The unusual ways.
      • Customize order processing
      • Work with “workflows”.
    • The legacy continues
      • Commerce Manager Access rights.
      • Catalog permissions
    • Payment providers
      • Configure payment methods.
      • IPaymentGateway
      • Manage payment methods programmatically.
      • How payments work
    • ProfileModule
    • CustomerContact events
    • The Migration Steps
      • Migration settings:
  • Part 9: Advanced stuffs
    • Caching
    • Routing
      • The SEO Uri approach
    • Appendix
      • Performance optimizations
      • How to ensure a successful upgrade.
      • Now what
  • Notes

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