Little Book of Product Ownership
Little Book of Product Ownership
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Little Book of Product Ownership

Last updated on 2018-06-15

About the Book

Product Ownership is more than just a single role on a team. Product Ownership is a set of skills, a large set of skills at that. A skill set that includes Agile and draws heavily on Business Analysis and Product Management. Every team should have a product owner - and probably no more than one - but other members of the team need the skills of product ownership, both the share the work of the product owner and to do do their own roles better.

The first part of this book discusses the role of the Product Owner - what the product owner does, how they relate to other roles, why they are busy people and why every product owner is different. Next the book looks at the tools used in Product Ownership, tools which product owners and others will use to build valuable business products.

This book is a companion volume to Little Book of Requirements and User Stories.

About the Author

Allan Kelly
Allan Kelly

Allan Kelly works as an Agile Consultant, he advises and trains teams from many different companies and domains on adopting and deepen Agile practices and development in general. When he is not with clients he writes far too much.  He specialises in working with software product companies and aligning products and processes with company strategy.  He is the author of three books: "Xanpan - team centric Agile Software Development", "Business Patterns for Software Developers" and “Changing Software Development: Learning to be Agile”; the originator of Retrospective Dialogue Sheets and a regular conference speaker. 

Table of Contents

  • Free Book
  • Unfinished book
  • Prologue
    • George Hunter, Product Owner
  • 1. Introduction
    • 1.1 Every Product Owner needs 4 things
    • 1.2 Skills and experience
    • 1.3 Authority
    • 1.4 Legitimacy
    • 1.5 Time
    • 1.6 Superhuman
  • 2. The Scrum Product Owner
  • 3. Who is the Product Owner?
    • 3.1 Alias Product Owner
    • 3.2 Product Managers and Business Analysts
    • 3.3 The problem
    • 3.4 Modern Product Owner model
    • 3.5 Conclusion
  • 4. Requirements, Discover and Demand
    • 4.1 The rise and fall of requirements
    • 4.2 Discovery
    • 4.3 The demand side
    • 4.4 Changing requirements to discovery
    • 4.5 Role changes
  • 5. Customers or Users?
  • 6. The Product Manager role
    • 6.1 The dumping ground
    • 6.2 In-bound & out-bound marketing
    • 6.3 Finally
    • 6.4 Further reading
  • 7. What do Product Managers do?
    • 7.1 Customers
    • 7.2 Development team
    • 7.3 The Market
    • 7.4 Senior managers and strategy
    • 7.5 Sales
  • 8. Changes in Product Management
    • 8.1 New tools & techniques
    • 8.2 Just do it
    • 8.3 Lean Start-up
    • 8.4 Quantitative v. Qualitative
    • 8.5 Internal analysis
    • 8.6 Finally
  • 9. The BA Role
    • 9.1 TO DO
  • 10. Other titles and roles
    • 10.1 To do
  • 11. The Busy Product Owner
  • 12. Stop doing
    • 12.1 No coding
    • 12.2 No line management
    • 12.3 Dump outbound marketing
    • 12.4 Dump pre-sales
  • 13. The Product Owner Refactored
    • 13.1 Strategic & Tactical Product Owners
    • 13.2 Multiple product
    • 13.3 Vanity SPO
    • 13.4 Warning
    • 13.5 Conclusion
  • 14. Specialist help
    • 14.1 Use the Team
    • 14.2 Testing specialist
    • 14.3 UXD Specialists
    • 14.4 Conclusion
  • About the author
    • Also by Allan Kelly
  • References & Further Reading
  • Versions
  • Notes

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