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Production Go
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Production Go

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Last updated on 2018-12-20

About the Book

With its focus on simplicity and getting things done, Go is a great language for developing performant, robust and maintainable applications. Production Go first teaches the basics of the Go language, then discusses how to bring an application from development to real users. The authors draw from years of experience running high-volume real-world Go applications to explain the tricks behind making—and keeping—Go applications performant, robust and maintainable.

About the Authors

Herman Schaaf
Herman Schaaf

Herman Schaaf is a London-based software engineer writing production Go at Skyscanner.

Shawn Smith
Shawn Smith

Shawn Smith is a software engineer based in Japan. His first contribution to Go was in Fall 2012, and he's been using Go primarily ever since.

Table of Contents

    • Introduction
  • Getting Started
    • Installing Go
      • Installation
      • GOPATH
      • Editor Integrations
      • Linters and Correctness Tooling
    • Basics
      • Program Structure
      • Variables and Constants
      • Basic Data Types
      • Structs
      • Operators
      • Conditional Statements
      • Arrays
      • Slices
      • Maps
      • Loops
      • Functions
      • Exported Names
      • Pointers
      • Goroutines
      • Channels
      • Interfaces
      • Error Handling
      • Reading Input
      • Writing Output
    • Style and Error Handling
      • Style
      • Error Handling
      • Wrapping Up
    • Strings
      • Appending to Strings
      • Splitting strings
      • Counting and finding substrings
      • Advanced string functions
      • Ranging over a string
    • Supporting Unicode
      • A very brief history of string encodings
      • Strings are byte slices
      • Printing strings
      • Runes and safely ranging over strings
      • Handling right-to-left languages
    • Concurrency
      • sync.WaitGroup
      • Channels
      • Goroutines in web handlers
      • Pollers
      • Race conditions
    • Testing
      • Why do we need tests?
      • Writing Tests
      • Testing HTTP Handlers
      • Mocking
      • Generating Coverage Reports
      • Writing Examples
    • Benchmarks
      • A simple benchmark
      • Comparing benchmarks
      • Resetting benchmark timers
      • Benchmarking memory allocations
      • Modulo vs Bitwise-and
    • Tooling
      • Godoc
      • Go Guru
      • Race Detector
      • Go Report Card
    • Security
      • Keep Go Up to Date
      • CSRF
      • HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS)
      • Content Security Policy (CSP)
      • See Also
    • Continuous Integration
      • Travis CI
      • Drone
      • General tips
    • Deployment
    • Monitoring
      • Prometheus
    • Optimization
    • Common Gotchas
      • Nil interface
    • Further Reading
    • Acknowledgements
      • Licenses
  • Notes

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