Pragmatic Virtualization
Pragmatic Virtualization
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Pragmatic Virtualization

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Last updated on 2015-06-20

About the Book

This manual provides what's necessary to:

  • create, clone, run, maintain and destroy virtual machines, locally and remotely
  • programmatically install, update and configure the virtual machine software
  • create different isolated environments for different development purposes
  • publish your virtual machine on a public server

I also wrote it to fit well into the PHP Bridge project, meaning that you can first read this manual and then land on the Intro to PHP course having a virtual machine ready for your PHP learning process.

If you are not a PHP developer or you are not studying it, no worries, you will have no problems.

This is a free ebook but the donations will go entirely to the PHP Women group to support their awesome activities.

About the Author

Damiano Venturin
Damiano Venturin

I'm a linux man and a php developer. I like cross-cultural environments: who knows me well also knows what I mean. This is why, for now and occasionally, I translate books from english to italian.

Sono un utente linux ed uno sviluppatore php. Mi piacciono gli ambienti multiculturali: chi mi conosce bene sa cosa intendo. Per questo motivo, ogni tanto, traduco libri dall'inglese all'italiano.

twitter: @damko

About the Contributors

Christopher Pecoraro
Christopher Pecoraro

Christopher Pecoraro is a software engineer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with more than fifteen years of experience build web applications. He holds a B.S. degree in Computing & Information Science from Saint Vincent College in Latrobe Pennsylvania. He is a conference speaker at events such as phpDay 2014 and PHP UK 2015. His research work includes biomedical informatics and machine translation and is a co-author in several peer reviewed publications and a contributor to open source projects. His native language is English and he speaks fluent Italian, has visited ten countries, and his non-career interests are travel, cuisine, and languages.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    • What to expect from this manual
    • Copyleft
    • The PHP Women cause
    • Acknowledgements
  • 1. About Virtualization
    • 1.1 Get ready
    • 1.2 Almost ready
    • 1.3 What’s virtualization
    • 1.4 Why to use virtualization
    • 1.5 Virtualization tools
    • 1.6 VirtualBox
    • 1.7 Vagrant
    • 1.8 Packer
  • 2. About Vagrant
    • 2.1 How Vagrant works
    • 2.2 Conventions used in both methods
    • 2.3 Create a Vagrant template box from iso file
    • 2.4 Create a Vagrant template box from Vagrant Cloud
    • 2.5 Some considerations about Vagrant
  • 3. Vagrant administration
    • 3.1 Listing virtual machines
    • 3.2 Improving the Vagrantfile
    • 3.3 Destroy your virtual machine
    • 3.4 Rebuild the Vagrant virtual machine
    • 3.5 How to build another copy
  • 4. Automation tools
    • 4.1 Automation tools
    • 4.2 Ansible
    • 4.3 Ansible configuration
    • 4.4 Ansible tools
  • 5. The Suggestotron application
    • 5.1 Create the database
    • 5.2 Populate the database
    • 5.3 Get the Suggestotron code
    • 5.4 Add a virtual host for Apache
    • 5.5 Run Suggestotron
    • 5.6 Play with Suggestotron
  • 6. The production environment
    • 6.1 Vagrant and Digital Ocean
    • 6.2 Dive deeper into virtualization

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