Pragmatic Virtualization
Pragmatic Virtualization
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Pragmatic Virtualization

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Last updated on 2015-06-20

About the Book

This manual provides what's necessary to:

  • create, clone, run, maintain and destroy virtual machines, locally and remotely
  • programmatically install, update and configure the virtual machine software
  • create different isolated environments for different development purposes
  • publish your virtual machine on a public server

I also wrote it to fit well into the PHP Bridge project, meaning that you can first read this manual and then land on the Intro to PHP course having a virtual machine ready for your PHP learning process.

If you are not a PHP developer or you are not studying it, no worries, you will have no problems.

This is a free ebook but the donations will go entirely to the PHP Women group to support their awesome activities.

About the Author

Damiano Venturin
Damiano Venturin

I'm a linux man and a php developer. I like cross-cultural environments: who knows me well also knows what I mean. This is why, for now and occasionally, I translate books from english to italian.

Sono un utente linux ed uno sviluppatore php. Mi piacciono gli ambienti multiculturali: chi mi conosce bene sa cosa intendo. Per questo motivo, ogni tanto, traduco libri dall'inglese all'italiano.

twitter: @damko

About the Contributors

Christopher Pecoraro
Christopher Pecoraro

Christopher Pecoraro is an experienced software engineer, speaker (phpDay 2014, PHP UK 2015, and LaravelDay), and author (Mastering Laravel, Packt Publishing) from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with more than twenty years of experience building web applications. He holds a B.S. degree in Computing & Information Science from Saint Vincent College in Latrobe Pennsylvania. His research work has been published in peer-reviewed publications and is a contributor to open source projects.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    • What to expect from this manual
    • Copyleft
    • The PHP Women cause
    • Acknowledgements
  • 1. About Virtualization
    • 1.1 Get ready
    • 1.2 Almost ready
    • 1.3 What’s virtualization
    • 1.4 Why to use virtualization
    • 1.5 Virtualization tools
    • 1.6 VirtualBox
    • 1.7 Vagrant
    • 1.8 Packer
  • 2. About Vagrant
    • 2.1 How Vagrant works
    • 2.2 Conventions used in both methods
    • 2.3 Create a Vagrant template box from iso file
    • 2.4 Create a Vagrant template box from Vagrant Cloud
    • 2.5 Some considerations about Vagrant
  • 3. Vagrant administration
    • 3.1 Listing virtual machines
    • 3.2 Improving the Vagrantfile
    • 3.3 Destroy your virtual machine
    • 3.4 Rebuild the Vagrant virtual machine
    • 3.5 How to build another copy
  • 4. Automation tools
    • 4.1 Automation tools
    • 4.2 Ansible
    • 4.3 Ansible configuration
    • 4.4 Ansible tools
  • 5. The Suggestotron application
    • 5.1 Create the database
    • 5.2 Populate the database
    • 5.3 Get the Suggestotron code
    • 5.4 Add a virtual host for Apache
    • 5.5 Run Suggestotron
    • 5.6 Play with Suggestotron
  • 6. The production environment
    • 6.1 Vagrant and Digital Ocean
    • 6.2 Dive deeper into virtualization

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