Practical WordPress
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Practical WordPress

Easy to learn tutorials and easy to use codes for your WordPress projects

About the Book

Stop wasting your time searching on Google, reading StackOverflow! Didn't you have enough already with repeating yourself while coding?

Practical WordPress provides you with many tutorials that are practical and can come handy with any WordPress projects.

All the tutorials are from my website where I write and teach about WordPress. This is the offline version which you can read when you do not have acces to the Internet.

Every tutorial is written once I have encountered a similar situation when working on several WordPress projects. Becuase of that, I am 100% positive that you will find these tutorials handy for your own WordPress projects.

Tutorials cover every aspect of WordPress, both front and back:

- Example Front: Using AJAX to upload files to WordPress

- Example Back: Creating Menu Pages using OOP

About the Author

Igor Benić
Igor Benić

Web Developer who loves to teach about various web technologies. He loves working with PHP and WordPress.

You can find his tutorials and articles on his site:

He is an active member of WordPress Croatia Community and he is also involved in developing useful plugins for WordPress. You can find his WordPress profile on:


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Book + Code Samples

This package contains the Book and all the final code examples used in this book.


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    Code Samples

    All final code samples from every chapter that is written in this book and has code examples.

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  • English

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Table of Contents

  • About the Book
    • How to read and use the code
    • Get Code Samples
  • How to host WordPress on DigitalOcean with ServerPilot
    • My hosting experience
    • Why Digital Ocean
    • ServerPilot
    • Setting your first WordPress site on Digital Ocean
    • Setting multiple WordPress sites
    • Conclusion
  • Display the Terms of a Custom WordPress Taxonomy
    • Linked Terms of WordPress Taxonomy
    • Linked Terms in a List
    • Custom display of Terms in a WordPress Taxonomy
    • Conclusion
  • How to create WordPress Related Posts
    • WordPress Related Posts
    • Defining the scope of Related Posts
    • Understanding the Database
    • Creating the query
    • Using the Function
    • Additional Condition on the Query
    • Conclusion
  • Programmatically download a file from WordPress
    • The scenario
    • The Download button
    • Checking the Query Strings
    • Downloading the file
    • Conclusion
  • WordPress File Upload with AJAX
    • The upload form
    • Styling the form
    • JavaScript and AJAX
    • Reading the POST data
    • Using the WordPress API wp_handle_upload
    • Using the WordPress API media_handle_upload
    • Creating a custom WordPress file upload
    • Creating a fancy message for each upload or error
    • Deleting the Uploaded File
    • Creating a Secure Upload and Delete
    • Conclusion
  • Show a WordPress Post in a Modal
    • Base of the plugin
    • Add Bootstrap 3
    • Bootstrap 3 Modal
    • Shortcode to display the button
    • Javascript function
    • Getting the Post content
    • Shortcode in widgets
    • Shortcode Usage
    • Conclusion
  • Add a new Tab to BuddyPress Profile Page
    • Why Would you add a Tab to the BuddyPress Profile Page?
    • BuddyPress function
    • Adding the new Tab on BuddyPress Profile Page
    • Displaying the Tab Content
    • Display the Tab Title
    • Display the Recent Posts
    • Conclusion
  • How to create WordPress Menu Pages with OOP
    • How are we going to build it?
    • WordPressMenu Class to add WordPress Menu
    • Creating a class for WordPress Sub Menus
    • Creating a class to create tabs in WordPress Menus
    • WordPress Settings in a Class
    • Usage Examples:
    • Conclusion
  • How to add Custom Columns in WordPress with OOP
    • Why use OOP to add Custom Columns in WordPress?
    • Our Simple Definition
    • Attaching our Column
    • Example: Show the User who Last Edited the Post
    • WordPress Custom Column Factory
    • Example 2: Using our Factory to Create Custom Columns
    • Refactoring our Factory
    • Example 3: Using our Refactored Factory for Custom Columns
    • Conclusion
  • How to Create Sharing Buttons similar to Jetpack
    • This is not Jetpack
    • Sharing Buttons
    • Sharing Functions
    • Sharing Classes
    • Conclusion
  • Understanding WordPress Menu Items
    • What is a WordPress Menu Item?
    • Changing the WordPress Menu Item
    • Conclusion
  • Handle WordPress Remote Requests with OOP
    • WordPress Remote Functions
    • WordPress Remote Class
    • Examples
    • Conclusion
  • How to Create Dynamic WordPress Email Templates
    • Creating Email Templates in WordPress
    • WordPress Email Class
    • Sending the Email on User Registration
    • Conclusion
  • How to Create Extendable WordPress Forms
    • How to be Build an Extendable Form
    • Extendable WordPress Abstract Form
    • WordPress Registration Form Example
    • Conclusion
  • How to Create a Sortable WordPress Gallery
    • WordPress Gallery
    • WordPress Gallery Factory
    • JavaScript functionality
    • WordPress Gallery Examples
    • Conclusion
  • How to Create Custom WordPress Post Statuses
    • WordPress API for Custom Status
    • Custom WordPress Post Status Class
    • Example
    • Conclusion
  • How to Create Custom WordPress Profile Fields
    • How to extend the WordPress Profile
    • Creating WordPress Profile Fields
    • Using our Class to create WordPress Profile Fields
    • Conclusion
  • How to Create a Custom WordPress Metabox with OOP
    • Adding the WordPress Metabox
    • Creating our WordPress Metabox
    • Using our WordPress Metabox
    • Conclusion
  • Appendix A: Settings Class

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