Practical Introduction to Wardley Mapping
Practical Introduction to Wardley Mapping
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Practical Introduction to Wardley Mapping

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Last updated on 2017-07-15

About the Book

Business strategy has a well-deserved reputation for snake-oil, faddish ideas and un-actionable ideas, often handed down from large-scale enterprise change programmes designed by management consultants. The "Wardley mapping" technique is a simple way to describe the environment in which a business operates, from the fixed perspective of customer. Simple maps allow teams to talk about business strategy and tactics in powerful ways, enabling businesses to achieve their strategic goals and respond appropriately to changes in the market.

Whether you've heard about Wardley mapping or not, have previously tried it without success, or are simply interested in developing your strategic/analytical business skills further, this book will lead you through the process of developing these maps using a few simple tools. No matter your current level of experience, this book will enable you to:

  • critically analyse the needs of your users - using a concrete three-step process, you will be able to draw maps which represent your current environment
  • assess the extent to which the general marketplace meets the needs of the users
  • develop "situational awareness" about the opportunites available to your business, and the threats to it
  • spread these skills internally to raise the level of awareness throughout your teams

At each step, the book draws on specific practical examples to demonstrate the methods discussed, and through a series of case studies enables you to practice the methods before moving on. This book is aimed at CEO/COOs and "C-suite" colleagues, but will suit people at any level in a business (in fact, having whole-organization understanding of maps is crucial) and will be specifically valuable to those new to management and seeking to make an impact.

About the Author

E. Alex Hudson
E. Alex Hudson

Long-time CTO of multiple high-technology start-ups, and author of the technical book  "Smashing Coffeescript", Alex has served on the executive management teams and boards of a variety of business operating in different sectors. He is currently writing on the topics of data-driven businesses, strategy tools and empirical project management techniques (particularly as applied to software development projects).

Table of Contents

  • Prologue
  • Introduction
  • Why Map?
    • Types of map
    • What makes a map?
  • What is Strategy?
    • A car journey
    • Common strategies in business
  • Understanding user needs
    • Tool: the Mind Map
    • Tool: the Customer Journey chart
    • Getting to the heart of motivation
    • Tool: User Need Mind Map
    • Using the user needs mind map
  • Make-up of a Wardley Map
    • The Axes
    • Anchor: the User
    • Components: the Needs
  • Our First Map
    • Identifying & placing components
    • Exercise: Car wash example
  • Focus on evolution
    • Biological evolution applied to products
    • Evolution means change
    • Market forces
  • Where should my product be?
    • Case Study: HomeChoice vs. Netflix
    • A simple question of timing
    • Industrialisation as a future platform
  • Relating the Map to Strategy: Change and Time
    • Fallacy of “first mover advantage”
    • The currents of a Wardley Map
  • Practicing Mapping
    • How most people fail at mapping
    • Succeeding with maps: repetition
    • Succeeding with maps: communication
  • Basic Strategy
    • Where are we going?
    • The first question: Where?
    • The next question: Do what?
    • Predicting the changes in the future
    • Strategies that mapping will not help
    • Final words on strategy
  • Epilogue
  • Appendix A: Workshops
  • Appendix B: Useful Resources
  • Notes

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